K Habitat Extravaganza Stellaris

K Habitat Extravaganza Stellaris

1.6.1 compatible

This mod allows building bigger and more advanced versions of Habitats.

Vanilla Habitat megastructure remains unchanged.

Small Habitat Station
Supports 6 tiles.
Is available once you discover spaceport tech 5.

Extended Habitat
Supports 16 tilles.
Requires ascension perk Voidborn.
5% bigger compared to vanilla Habitat.

Extended Habitat II
Supports 18 tilles.
Requires ascension perk Voidborn.
10% bigger compared to vanilla Habitat.

Extended Habitat III
Supports 20 tilles.
Allows building of Space Stations around the massive habitat station.
Requires ascension perk Voidborn, Master Builders.
15% bigger compared to vanilla Habitat.

Advanced Habitoid
Supports 25 tilles.
Allows building of Space Stations around the massive habitat station.
Requires ascension perk Voidborn, Master Builders.
20% bigger compared to vanilla Habitat.

In order to allow for proper building allocation, basic buildings are replaced in buildings.txt . If you combine it with any mod that adds more buildings or changes the cost/resource values it will be compatible.

New Buildings
Hab Governing Complex
upgrades from Hab Capital
minerals = 850
energy = 400
energy = 12
unity = 6
influence = 0.1

Energy Converter Mk 1
upgrades from Astro Mining Facility
minerals = 450
minerals = 7
energy = 3

Energy Converter Mk 2
upgrades from Energy Converter Mk 1
requires Hab Governing Complex
minerals = 900
minerals = 10
energy = 13

Solar Power Processor Mk2
upgrades from Solar Power Porcessor
minerals = 500
energy = 16

Solar Power Processor Mk3
upgrades from Solar Power Processor Mk2
requires Hab Governing Complex
minerals = 900
energy = 19

Advanced Lab Complex
upgrades from Hab Laboratory Module
minerals = 400
engineering = 7
physics = 7
society = 7
energy = 8

Dimentional Lab
upgrades from Advanced Lab Complex
requires Hab Governing Complex
minerals = 900
engineering = 10
physics = 10
society = 10
energy = 14

Space Marine Citadel
requires Hab Governing Complex
requires Gene Modification ascension perk
minerals = 1200
engineering = 1
physics = 1
society = 1
Special army units
energy = 4.5

New Technology
Habitat modular construction
Using advanced engineering techniques additional habitat modules can be added to existing Orbital stations. Constructing additional modules does not add infrastructure support inherent in bigger Habitat designs.
(increases size of Habitat, activated through planetary edict)

New Armies available specific for Habitats
Defense Drones
Durable defenders that can hold against internal and external enemies.

Mech Sentries
Giant Mechanised Sentries that will stop any invader and defend the station.

+++Existing games from the 1.5.1 version of the mod will continue allowing bbuilding of troops as is. New 1.6.0 games will require building control buildings for the above armies.+++
This was done because defense droid/android armies are now available.

Space Marines
Gene tailored offensive unit made for putting fear into your enemies. Although expensive and high maintenance unit, it can overpower all enemies. Only available from Citadels built in your habitats.

Habitat modifiers

This is Load savegame compatible, you may add it in any of your existing games.
However if you use any features of the mod you will no longer be able to disable it afterwards for that savegame.

This IS NOT achievements compatible for the reason that it affects basic gameplay files.

For checking compatibility with other Megastructure mods:
Habitat names : habitat1, habitat2, habitat3, habitat4
Planet classes : pc_habitat1, pc_habitat2, pc_habitat3, pc_habitat4
All habitats/planets come with their own tilesets/backgrounds.
Note: Each planet class has different settings.
Should not have any compatibility issues with any mod that does not use these names.

Replaces 00_buildings.txt as partial replacements no longger seem to work properly.
Everything else is highly unlikely to create any issue with any other mod.

planned additions:
– Specific habitat buildings (partialy done)
– rebalance
– energy storage buildings (partially done)

emperor_kk, tropico, Korenak
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