Jagdtiger’s Viking Names Mod

Jagdtiger’s Viking Names Mod

It adds a name list based on actual Norse names from the sagas and eddas and such.

Since the game doesn’t seem to support the”son of” or “daughter of” kind of naming that was historically used, everyone gets an authentic viking age nickname. Most Norse were actually called by some nickname, so that’s more historical than giving them family names.

E.g. the Lothbrok in Ragnarr Lothbrok’s name wasn’t some family name, but his nickname: “Hairy Breeches”. (Because apparently he used some magical fur pants as protection when he killed a dragon.) Meanwhile Rollo, or actually Hrolfr (Rolf) by his original Norse name, was known as “Gange”, i.e., “the walker”, because he was a mountain of a man, too big for any horse, so he walked on foot and fought on foot.

Anyway, the nicknames are from the sagas, with only a couple of more modernized ones I threw in for Stellaris flavour.

Bear in mind that, even more so than the Romans or Greeks, a lot of nicknames were either based on some inside joke or were ironic. E.g., Aslaug was called “Kraka” = “the Crow” at some point ironically, because she was so beautiful. So if you get a black guy called “the White”, or an incompetent general called something like “the glorious”, that may be why. It’s historical, really.

The stations and fleets are named after Norse gods.

The ships tend to use historically-attested poetic kennings for the gods. Most of them names of Odin and Thor actually. So you’ll end up with ship names like “Fimbultyr” = “Mighty God”, a name for Odin, or “Vingthor” = “Battle Thor” or alternately “Thor the Hallower.”

It does not add a species or custom empire, since, well, the Norse were just humans. So just make your own Norse themed empire and use the names with it. And then go row row row your longboat gently down the hyperlane and raid someone ????

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