Interstellar Extras – Mammals For Stellaris

Interstellar Extras – Mammals For Stellaris

This is a modular component in the “Interstellar Immersion” mod series. It REQUIRES the “Interstellar Essentials” mod to work.


“Interstellar Extras – Mammals” Core Features:
* Pre-scripted Mammalian Empires – 4 new mammalian empires with unique lore, name lists, and starting conditions to better flesh out your galaxy; each is set to automatically spawn as an AI-controlled faction in any new game unless you are playing as them

NOTE: This mod just provides pre-scripted empires. The name lists and system initializers used by them are part of “Interstellar Essentials”. You do not need this mod to use those.


Pre-Scripted Mammalian Empires
** Hallowed Vursyxon Unity — Descendants of an ill-fated subluminal seed ship mission, the Vursyx were not even remotely suited to the environment of their foster homeworld. Altered by their colonial AI in order to survive, the children of this mission are very different from their Vulpen genetic heritage. They are unique culturally as well. Where their ancestors would have struck out on their own, the Vursyx banded together and developed a cooperative society. Over hundreds of generations rebuilding civilization in the harsh jungles of Raisuken, their origins also became a subject of myth. Sensing a higher purpose for their tribulations, the Vursyx turned to a charismatic religion promising guidance through the long night to the Promised Star, their lost home.

** Pride of Panraleon — Long-lived, large, and intimidating, the Atroxi are a physically impressive species. Their society has been far less durable. Built on the foundation of small family units and carnivorous manoralism, traditional Atroxian values conflicted with modern realities more than once in their history. Wars large and small marked the passage of the ages in layers of blood and bone. Industrialization brought a breakthrough in political philosophy: the Pride. Recasting their entire race as a family unit, pridism enabled a new structure for cooperation between groups and cooled age-old grudges. The Pride stood the test of time. Their society is now as strong as its individual members, and brave-manes of Panraleon enter galactic stage left.

** Suscrofan Protectorate — Uplifted from pre-sentience by an ancient empire, the distant ancestors of the Suscrofa were a porcine species taken from a planet known only in myths as Earth. The growth of early Suscrofan society was carefully supervised. Those days are long gone, however, along with the beings who sparked Suscrofan sentience and civilization. Though left to fend for themselves, the Suscrofs multiplied and thrived. Stubborn and short-tempered, they find unity only through mutual religious reverence for the omnipotent race that lifted them up out of ignorance. Yet lately that faith has waned in parts of their society, and the military has stepped in safeguard the church and administer affairs on Bairazu.

** Syndicated Vulpenine Skulks — Fleeing the destruction of their original homeworld, a sub-FTL seed ship deposited the ancestors of the Vulpen on Bondobola one thousand years ago. Conditions there were ideal for their species to thrive, and with the help of their seed ship AI, the Vulpen rebuilt a version of their long-lost civilization. Curious and clever, but also fiercely independent and territorial, this renewed Vulpenine society evolved a brand of meritocratic feudal corporatism. Claiming their new homeworld piece by piece was adventurous work, and those who took risks and persevered were richly rewarded. Amongst Vulpens, power has always belonged to the keenest minds and fleetest feet. In this galaxy few may match them for both.


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