Ingsoc (1984 by George Orwell) Stellaris

Ingsoc (1984 by George Orwell) Stellaris

Ingsoc (1984 by George Orwell)

Inspired by the book 1984 by George Orwell, this mod introduces:

A new rare society Technology: Ingsoc (English Socialism) which can be researched after “Will to Power”. This tech unlocks the Ministry buildings
A new government: Oligarchic Collectivism
A new trait: Ingsoc which unlocks access to a new government and new edicts
New policies and edicts
Increase chocolate rations to increase happiness! (thanks Derrick Moore)
Start a hate drive to increase resource prodiction! (thanks FawkesFTK)
A new pre-scripted empire: Oceania
Has the Ingsoc trait
Already has the English Socialism tech researched
Uses new Oligarcic Collectivism government
Four new buildings:
Ministry of Peace: Increases fortification strength and alien slavery tolerance, and decreases army build speed
Ministry of Truth: Decreases pop ethnic shift
Ministry of Plenty: Increases slave production output, and decreases slave food output
Ministry of Love: Increases pop happiness
If you have any balance tweaks or ideas, please send them to me!

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