Infective Mod

Infective Mod

Always wanted to eat your xeno neighbors? Now you can!

Includes a new Trait, Edict, and Event:

* Trait ‘Infective’: Races with Infective will attempt to convert Pops of other species. Costs 1, has effects like Repugnant on neighboring Pops (-5%) and diplomacy (-30).

* Edict ‘Infection Control’: Prevents the local spread of Infective to neighboring Pops, requires knowledge of Biolab III tech. Standard costs (150 influence) and duration (10 years), reduces Pop growth (20%). AI will use it appropriately.

* Event ‘Spreading Infection’: Infective Pops on a mixed-species planet will attempt to convert everyone into their own species. Infective Pops will be happy about this (10%) and grow faster (10%), while other species will be unhappy (-40%). There is a 94% chance of the target being converted, 6% chance it will be consumed. Growing Pops are consumed. Robot Pops are immune.

Created for use with my other mod, the Infected empire, though it works with any species. Suggest Xenophobe or Collectivist ethos, to allow resettlement.

Known issues:

* Unable to Purge enemy Infective unless your standard policies allow it.

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