Improved Megastructures Mod

Improved Megastructures Mod

Update 3.6: Master Builders perk now unlocks Mega Engineering as a research option.

Update 3.5: Ringworlds can now be constructed around Black Holes. Lovely view!

Update 3: You can now build multiple Megas at same time. Engineering file no longer being overwritten (which means mod should be more compatible to other mods). Master Builders ascension perk now grants you Mega Engineering technology (CHANGED: See update 3.6).

Update 2: Now 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 compatible (you can play on 1.6 even if it asks for 1.6.1). Ruined megastructures no longer bugged. Also tweaked some build times a little (down).

Update 1: Now also increased % of getting Mega Engineering research if you have a curator.

One of my issues with Utopia was that megastructures felt… dissapointing. You wait 30+ years to finish your grand Dyson Sphere, only to find out that it produces less energy than a system full of energy habitats that you would have completed in half the time it took to construct it (and half the cost too, probably!).

Even more dissapointing is the science nexus. The final stage gives you… *drumroll*… +50 science!
Whoooooo? More like Boooooo…..

This mod changes the megastructures to truly be “mega”. Aka, “things to look forward to”, “things to be proud of”, “things you can actually construct before game ends”, “things you might want to go to war for”.


You can now construct multiple megastructures at same time.

Dyson Sphere:

Build time: approximately halved for all stages.
Reward: from 0/100/200/300/400 to 0/100/300/600/1200

Science nexus:

Build time: approximately halved for all stages.
Reward: from 5/15/35/55 (approximate) science to 50/150/250/450.

Note: I originally wanted to instead make Science Nexus boost your research speed by X%, but I can’t make any modifier strings to work in the file, since it’s different from normal buildings etc. Suggestions welcome!

Spy satellite:

Build time: approximately halved for all stages.


Costs and reward unchanged, build time reduced slightly.

Mega Engineering tech (engineering, requirement for mega structures perk)

Requirements: UNCHANGED. Still requires def station 3, battleships and zero power.
% to spawn: Increased. x20 if you have mega structures (Unchanged, same as before), x5 if you have Mega Builders perk (increased from x2), x5 if you have Curator scientist on engineering (increased from x1), x0.25 if you don’t have a Voidcraft scientist on engineering (unchanged, same as before).

You can now also gain Mega engineering tech as reward for picking Master Builders ascension perk.

While the increase is significant, i believe it justifies the effort. Spending 30+ years to get +50 ♥♥♥♥ing research? Really?

Red Aria
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