Improved Hyperlanes and Fog of War V2 Mod

Improved Hyperlanes and Fog of War V2 Mod

If you still wish to use the old version, you can find it here.

This mod has been overhauled to be used in conjunction with hyperlane-only games.

What this mod does:

– NEW: Disables all drives except for hyperdrives. This includes Fallen Empires. This should work with other mods that add races/ships that have other drives equipped by default (i.e. Animated Zeriphen Portraits).

– NEW: Nebulas now drastically reduce FTL speed. Increased to 95% speed reduction up from 30%. When traveling through nebulas, it will take anywhere from about a week to 3 months, depending on the hyperlane length.

– NEW: Nebula names disabled from the map, making exploration a bit more tricky.

– NEW: Galaxy “flattened”. No more random star height, and hexagonal pin around stars removed. Gives the map a cleaner look.

– NEW: Hyperlane generation modified. More “routes”, branching, looping, and dead ends. Great for creating choke points and front lines during wars.

– NEW: Hyperspace windup increase when outside your territory is removed. It now takes the same amount of time to charge your hyperdrive regardless of where you are in the galaxy.

– NEW: Map modes no longer reveal the fog of war. If you have any mods that add new map modes, you will need to modify all lines that say “enable_terra_incognita = no” and switch it to “yes”.

– NEW: Orbital paths in solar systems now have the same visibility as hyperlanes.

– NEW: Custom setup scenario for this mod called “Improved Hyperlanes”. A 2500 star 4-arm spiral galaxy with stars in the galactic core along with many nebulas.

– Removes hyperlane visibility from the fog of war.

– Makes the fog of war completely opaque – You cannot see anything in unexplored areas (You can still mouse over star systems).

– Increases the visibility of hyperlanes – Useful for mods that add more flag colors.


Compatibility patch for Pre-FTL Players can be found here.

Alters “commoncomponent_templates0_utilities_drives.txt”. Incompatible with mods that alter this file. Thankfully, there aren’t many that do. Compatibility patch for Pre-FTL Players in the link above.

Alters “commoncomponent_templates0_map_modes”. Should be compatible with mods that add map modes as they typically use their own files.

Alters “gfxFXhyperlane.shader” and “gfxFXterra_incognita.fxh”. Very few mods alter these, and probably won’t conflict with other mods you have installed.

Alters “mapgalaxybase.txt” and “spiral_4.txt”. I recommend only using 4-arm spiral galaxies with the “Improved Hyperlanes” scenario when using this mod.

Defines value changes. Does not replace the defines.txt file, but will not be compatible with mods that alter these lines:

NCamera = {

NGraphics = {

NGameplay = {

NShip = {

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