Imperium of Man Flags For Stellaris

Imperium of Man Flags For Stellaris

Hope you guys enjoy the new Thumbnail ! ???? ( its not final yet but I think its better then just the Inquisition Symbol )

(Also keep in mind: The symbol Color and designe is not final ???? I will optimize them as soon as I got time to. Right now I try to get content out so you guys have some to play with and the cosmetic changed will follow without you even notice …. or you do ???? )

This Mod is just one of many to come.
The Mod Series will aim forward to bring the Warhammer 40K universe to Stellaris with Flags, Ships, Tec, Portraits and much more.

The Flags are now found under “Imperium” “Xenos” “Chaos” “Adeptus Astartes”
Feel free to ask questions and tell me your thoughts and please leave constructive critique ????

Also the next days I will add more Flags for you guys … It just takes some time because I also have to do some other things ???? But the Updates will come !

But I do Highly reccomend that you also use the “Flags: Emblems & Backgrounds” Mod as well ! you can do some awesome Flags !

Also I will Fix some of the Flags to be a little bit bigger .. I saw into the Game and think that i can make them a little bit bigger so they are more clearly to see !
I have done that now wiht the Inquisition Flag ! Check it out and let me know if you like the big one ore the small one more.

Also if you have some Color wishes for the Flags just let me know and I will see what I can do ???? And of corse they will be available in several different colors. .. for now they will be Silver and Gold mostly. With the Space Marine Chapter Symboles I will try different things just like keep them Black or Colorize them in their Chapter Colors etc. Just to get a nice mix in there.

And what you also should keep in mind is that the list below is not yet complet ! There are so much more Emblems out there to be used ???? I just can’t think of all Emblem at once. Ill keep it in small steps.

Developer Update
Allright I tried now many different thing but there is no way arround modeling the Ships myself !
Right now my priority are the Shipmodels and keeping the mod updated. Tec and Portraits are secondary right now.
Also Just to let you guys now the mod is not dead or anything before you start wondering ! I just have a lot to do at the moment so I had to put the mod develpment on hold for now ! But thats just temporary. I will be back soon to work on it ???? ( 10.06.2017 )

Imperium of man Flags:

Adeptus Ministorum
Adeptus Terra
Imperial Navy
Astra Militarum
Adeptus Astartes ( Bug fixed ! now fully usable )
Rouge Trader
Order of Argent Shroud

Xenos Flags:

Eldar ( More Eldar Flags will follow don’t worry )

Adeptus Astartes Chapter:

Death Company
Ultra Marines
Imperial Fist
Space Wolves
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Black Templar
Blood Ravens
Raven Guard


Chaos ( Chaos will get some more love with more Symbols like Black Legion usw. )

Not yet updated:
Adeptus Mechanicus
More Eldar, Ork and Tau symbols
Probably some more Chaos ( not sure yet )
Adeptus Astartes Chapter Symbols
Every Flag in Silver

Mod Compatibility
The mod should work with all the other mods since it does not change any files.
It also should work in Ironman. If not please let me know.


Regarding Ships:

Regarding the Shipmodels … They will probably take the longest time to make. The Flags and Porträits and the Tec should be no problem but will take me some weeks … the Ships probably some months sadly. And I also think I have to rename the Mod into a Warhammer 40K Mod or something since there is so much different stuff packed in it. So I can’t really tell when the mod will be completly finished but I put quality before quantety so It will take some time. But I hope that in the end you guys will enjoy it as much as I do creating it.
Thank you guys !


Right now I am starting to make the 3D models for the Strike Craft and then move on to the Actual Ships. I uploaded a Picture of what I have done so far. Texture are still missing but I am working on them right now. Hope you like it.

-TST-Dócvar Hóliðáýson
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