IIC – Old Republic Ships For Stellaris

IIC – Old Republic Ships For Stellaris

The Icarus Interstellar Corporation presents the Old Republic Ship Pack!
This ship pack allows you to play with the Old Republic Fleet from the KOTOR/SWTOR Era’s

This Mod Includes 15 new ships and 2 new Strike Craft

Civilian Ships
Defender-class Science Ship
Dawn-class Colony Shuttle
KT-400 Construction Ship
Wanderer-class Transport
Frontier-class Corvette
Forey-class Blockade Runner
Preatorian-class Destroyer
Hammerhead-class Light Cruiser
Artemis-class Cruiser
Aegis-class Cruiser
Paladin-class Support Cruiser
Thranta-class Heavy Cruiser
Zenith-class Battlecruiser
Inexpungable-class Battleship
Valor-class Dreadnaught
Strike Craft & Drop ships
Aurek Light Starfighter
Chela Light Bomber
Republic Fortitude-class assault shuttle
ISB Support Patch Ships
Experimental Star Dreadnaught – [Large Inexpugnable] Invincible-class Titan
This Addon allows the randomly generated AI to use my Ship set. They will come with a bunch of preset System, Planet and Race names.
New Ship Classes & More. Is Supported by the NSC creators

Warb_null – for allow]ing me to use his models and textures.
Jeroenimo – for allowing me to use his models and textures
Bioware/EA – for the Defender Light corvette and Thranta port from swtor
Ori’verda – for reworking the ISB titan’s textures.
Elratie – For teaching me alot about modding Stellaris, answering my unending stream of questions and helping me by fixing alot of the broken EAW textures, And sharing some of the station models from his own mod.

Help Wanted
I am Currently looking for help in the following areas

Texture Converting and changing the color in some areas (Done in Photoshop)
Help with Stellaris Events/Anomalies/Quest Chains. (maybe even a crisis)

Please also look forward to the other Icarus Interstellar Corporation Projects

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