Hybridization For Stellaris

Hybridization For Stellaris

For version 1.6.0

– Hiveminds, psionics, genetics, and robotics can be combined and mixed.
– No more turning into synths! You now transform into a hybrid.
– Allows more genetic traits to be picked.
– Can give hybridization to other species.

Not included:
– Custom icons
– Intelligent thought
– Extra ascension perk slots. You need to get them from another mod!
– Extra genetic points. You need to get them from another mod!

Anything which edits the relevant ascesion perks, certain species traits, or utopia on action events which are changed by this mod. In other words, anything which outright replaces 00_species_traits, 00_ascension_perks, or utopia_on_action_events. Or anything which modifies 00_soc_tech or 00_eng_tech.

That One Communist Fellow
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