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Honorbound Warriors Name List For Stellaris

Honorbound Warriors Name List For Stellaris

Howdy great peeps,

After creating a bunch of custom civilizations, that I modelled after the existing AI personalities,
I came to the “Honorbound Warriors” personality, but found no proper name list, so I made one.

This list has male & female differentiations, with an extended name list for names, ships & planets.
For ship names it uses the ‘Humanoid 4’ ones, since they were more than fitting enough.

Kind regards & enjoy,

If you have any questions, comments or requests, place them in the comment section.

Male & Female Names:

Fleet Name:

Army Names:
Defense Army: Planetary Guard
Assault Army: Assault Legion
Slave Army: Slave Contingent
Clone Army: Clone Legion
Robotic Army: Mechanized Legion
Android Army: Synth Legion
Psionic Army: Zealot Legion
Xenomorph Army: Xenomorph Swarm
Gene Warrior Army: Chosen Legion

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