Halo The Great Journey. H.U.II Mod

Halo The Great Journey. H.U.II Mod

March 4th Version
Work in Progress

Based on LordZarmack and YF22’s 1.2.5 Halo The Great Journey H.U.

Heinlein Compatibility done by Mason and Arkadian

Huge thanks to Trace Projectile and Ilossaa for allowing us to integrate their mods into this one, they are each truly amazing at what they do and we’d like to thank them for their help!

Trace Projectiles ‘More City Types’

llossaa’s Covenant Species Portraits

Thanks also to Karloku for use of their planet glassing mod, because I can’t compete with their kick-butt coding!
Karloku’s Planet Glassing Mod

YF22 has returned to Stellaris in Arkadians own absence in mid January and published an updated variant of H.U. that includes fixed features of the original H.U. (Arks, Halos, High Charity, etc) as well as many parts of H.U.II, so if you want a good alternative to this mod thats more like the 1.2.5 original, you should check it out.

We also thank dognip5 for their aid in tracking down several problematic bugs present upon the mods initial release. (those bugs have accordingly been squished)

This mod is still however being fine-tuned and sorted out, if you get a gamebreaking bug or just an annoying glitch, plz tell Mason or me about it in the bug report section of the discussions tab.

Legal Info
All Loading screen pictures (Excluding our own) features and sound files, from halo guns, are owned by their respective copyrighters. We make no claim to ownership. ” http://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules” but simply thank them for being created/ existing. Thank you <3. Any issue regarding copyright please contact me asap. thank you

All assets in this mod regarding (Ships models & Coding structure/Coding) belong to Yf22 and LordZarmack -Terms of use of our Assets is in the mod (Legal INFO) document in the mod file, for those who wish to edit our mod/use our assets.

LordZarmack’s ‘1.2.5 Halo Great Journey H.U.’

‘Halo The Great Journey H.U.’ Moddb page

H.U.II Weapon Stand-Alone

You may or may not know of these guys from their work on SOASE, but if you want an alternative Halo mod than give Sins of the Prophets a try. (Note, H.U.II is DEFINETELY not compatible with Sins mod)

Incompatible with:
New Ship Classes and More
Halo Infinity Ship
Sins of the Prophets

dognip5, LordZarmack, Arkadian vi Luxora, Trace Projectile, llossaa, Karloku, Mason J. Caboose, yf22
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