Guilli’s Vanilla Ship Graphics Pack For Stellaris

Guilli’s Vanilla Ship Graphics Pack For Stellaris

Guilli’s Vanilla Ship Graphics Pack
Continued work will be done after 1.5 patch of the game (as they are introducing ship colours based on your empire colour!). I need to see how they are going to do that first.

Compatible with version 1.4.+, and all other DLC.

-Savegame compatibility, including future updates-

This mod adds:
A white paintjob for mammalian ships.

Coming later:
Light paintjobs for all other base game ship graphics.

The AI will not use these ship types. If you desire AI empires to use these, make a custom empire and set it so it’s guaranteed to spawn.

Compatibility patches here:
These patches make the ship graphics work with these various mods that add new ship types! Click the link to go to the patch!
New Ship Classes & More v3.0+ Compatibility Patch .
coming later– Realistic Ships Compatibility Patch [/url].
ISBS: Doomsday Weapons & Ships Compatibility Patch .
Downscaled Ships Compatibility Patch .

Know issues and general limitations:
– The game automatically makes a new species list for each ship graphics. They are nothing special, I just cant hide these list. So feel free to ignore them.
– The ships colour a fair bit based on the sun type (red suns = slightly red hull shine; yellow sun = yellos hull shine.)
– The shipbuilder/selector colours the ships as well this way. They can seem weird in the ship builder.
– Every new ship graphics option will also add a city graphics option (this is hardcoded). I have edited them to match the ship graphics. This isn’t mandetory and it seems the AI wont use there either.

For other modders:
All my textures, files and tags start with “c_” This to avoid any mod incompatibility.

If you like and enjoy this mod, please rate it up :).
Thank you!


Latest update (03/02/2017):
— Greatly improved textures and evened out colours between ships.
— Fixed some transparency issues with colony ship.
— Reworked red lights.


Future update AFTER next game update (1.5):
Duo to the changes coming to ship colours (they will be partially based on your empire colour!) In the next big game update I’m temporarely halting working on these textures. I have a feeling a few things will change with ship textures and to avoid wasting hours on changes I might have to redo after the update I will wait. Hopefully my latest update makes them a bit more acceptable until after the next game patch.

support me
If you really like my mod and wish to support me, feel free to drop something. It would help a lot! Thank you very much!

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