Guilli’s Planet Modifiers Mod

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers Mod

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers
For version 1.6+ of the game.
Compatible with all DLC.
DLCs not required.

What does this mod do?
This mod adds 165+ new planet modifiers as well as increase the maximum planet modifier amount to 4. Very Adds new tile blockers and new armies. tons of mini events around the modifiers. It also makes planet modifiers a bit stronger so planets become a true strategic choice to have! Furthermore, terraforming planets will remove bad modifiers and has a chance to give a good modifier or two!. It also adds planet modifiers to Barren worlds, Frozen worlds, Molten worlds, Toxic worlds and Gas Giants so terraforming mods can make full use out of these planets! Some modifiers will spawn tile blockers unique to those modifiers and some of them might require a tech to get rid of them. And more, see list below!

In Short:
165+ New Planet modifiers with unique icons.
16 new planet tile blockers that show up with some of the new modifiers. Some techs to remove the tile blockers.
3 new armies based on modifiers. Can only be built on planets with those modifiers.
5 new exploration events. Surveying celestial object has a chance of discovering a modifier + resources.
33 new “discovery!” events. Small event telling you you discovered something interesting!
2 colony events. There’s a chance of a special event when owning a planet with ship graveyard modifier. Do you feel lucky? There’s also something around alien eggs..
Planet modifiers appear more frequently and in larger numbers.
Up to 4 (rarely 5) planet modifiers per planet.
Planet modifiers can be strong and provide a strategic choice when it comes to planets.
Secret and rare precursor planet modifiers.
3 New planet modifier borders! (grey, blue, purple)
Planet modifiers also appear on Barren, Frozen, Toxic and Molten worlds and Gas Giants. As well as asteroids, suns, and other celestial bodies.
Terraforming cleans up planet modifiers and has a chance to roll new good ones (see below for details)
Ringworlds and Habitats have a chance to roll a unique modifier to indicate how well construction has gone. There are also unique ringworld and habitat modifiers to make them feel alive and unique.
Unique modifiers for Ringworlds, Habitats, Fallen Empire Worlds.
Tomb worlds hold ancient secrets. Precursor modifiers can be found more frequently here.
Discovery! Update (new)
How it works:
When your science ships survey a planet and discover a special modifier on that planet an event will pop up telling you about it. This only happens the first time you discover this modifier. Some of these “discovery” events will reward you with a bonus to something, others can reward you with resources.
All discovery events have unique images.
It is possible to get multiple discovery events from the same planet but that should be fairly rare. You’ll just get more event windows to read and click trough.

Planetary Modifier Borders Update (new)
How it works:
Planet modifiers come in 6 border colours!
Green = Only positive bonuses
Yellow = positive and negative bonuses (mixed)
Red = only bad bonuses
Grey = no bonuses, just flavor/text/story
Blue = precursor bonuses (really good!)
Purple = special modifiers that allow you to do extra things like build unique armies, ships(maybe soon), or modifiers that are the result of an event (usually also give a good bonus somewhere).

Terraforming Update
How it works:
When you terraform a planet the following will happen:

Most bad negative modifiers will be removed (where it makes sense)
The newly terraformed planet will always gain a flavor or good modifier if it has less than 4 modifiers.
The newly terraformed planet has an extra chance to roll new flavor or good modifiers (up to a maximum of 3 in total).
It didn’t make sense when terraforming a world with a bad surface that it would still have that bad surface. So now terraforming doesn’t just fix that, it has a chance to make your planet even better!

I feel overwhelmed! There’s too many modifiers!
This might help:
Green/Blue/Purple Border modifiers = Only good bonuses
Yellow Border Modifiers = Both good and bad bonuses.
Red Border Modifiers = Only bad bonuses
Grey border = Story text, no bonuses.

List of Planet Modifiers added
Modifiers range from 5% all the way up to 200% for some very rare modifiers!
See the discussion thread below for a overall list. If you don’t want to spoil yourself, don’t look at it ????

When does this work?
Planet modifiers are generated when you start a new game.
Terraforming modifiers are removed and rerolled the moment a terraforming planet finishes.
Ringworld and Habitat modifiers are made immediately after you complete these megastructures.

Compatibility and achievements?
Does not work with achievements/ironman due to new file.
Does not overwrite vanilla files except:
– planet modifier VALUES from the commonstatic_modifiers folder. Does not overwrite the files themselves.
– The Ascendancy Perk “Mastery of Nature” to allow new tileblocker tech from being unlocked by it.
Compatible with all mods.
Built in Compatibility for Planetary Diversity The new planet types will also have these modifiers.
Not compatible with: None so far.
Built in Compatibility for More Star Classes The new star types will also have these modifiers.

Check out my habitat specialisation mod too!
Allows you to specialise habitats with a modifier to either outpost, food, minerals, science or military(army)

Want to help?
I want to expand this mod with more planet modifiers. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or the suggestion post! Thank you very much!

Localisation suppoer
Spanish localisation; special thanks to Alguerath for the translations!

Special thanks to the following people for suggestions and feedback!
-Alguerath for spanish translation!
Special thanks to the original creators of all the art.

Please rate and let me know what you think ????
support me
If you really like my mod and wish to support me, feel free to drop something. It would help a lot! Thank you very much!

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