More Genetic Engineering Mod

More Genetic Engineering Mod

Actually only a Fix for only one case:

If you modify your primary species completly, the game doesn´t notice that and make it aliens at all with all problems of that.

this mod fires an event in the background which changes the primary species of your country to the new modified but only if you modify your old primary species completly. the event fires at the moment, the modification project is fullfilled and only for exactly that new modified species. if some pops of the old species where born between the modification-project is ongoing, nothing will happens and the new born pops will stay as the last representatives of your primary species.
Also if you modify only parts of your primary species or some other species, nothing will happens.

For Stellaris 1.4.x

Known Issues:
– All existing leaders (Ruler, Heir, Scientists, Governeurs, Admirals, Generals) stay at the old species until a new one will come into command. thats to change is only possible with killing all existing leaders and assigning new ones. not the way i prefer for….
– new name or rename of the species isn´t possible at the moment. i´m hoping for some mod-tools for doing this…

more plans are made – but unfortunalty actually not realizable. moddingtools (scopes, effects etc) are very limited for modding species… also i hope for more later….

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