Galaxy Map “Multi-Music” Injector 2.0 (Mass Effect 2 Edition) Mod

Galaxy Map “Multi-Music” Injector 2.0 (Mass Effect 2 Edition) Mod

This mod allows your empire to have dedicated theme music during Galaxy View mode, as you constantly oversee the work you put into expanding borders & conquering the stars.

Welcome to the 1st custom Galaxy Map “multi-music” mod!
See the Youtube video of the mod in action!

With this release, music mods will take your space conquering immersion to a whole new level.

You can now have a playlist dedicated just for the Galaxy Map! Here’s your chance to have your empire’s theme song(s) proudly play in the background.

In this edition, different variations of the Mass Effect “Uncharted Worlds” theme will play as you enter Galaxy View.
Try it once! You won’t regret subscribing.

— Each time you enter the Galaxy Map, the game will RANDOMLY, seamlessly play a different track based on a small list of .WAV files included in this mod.

The best thing is, the mod does NOT disable the ambient Galaxy Map audio! They provide an excellent effect to enhance your immersion.

— This mod makes use of a subtle “falloff” effect: the more you zoom out of the galaxy, the quieter a song becomes.

The effect’s values are easily editable in the mod’s files (if you want the feature to be stronger).

— Should be compatible with all other audio/music mods out there.

— Simply enable the “Mass Effect 2 (Galaxy Mode) Music” mod in the Stellaris Launcher’s Mod window.

— Want to use your own music? Simply replace the .wav files included in the mod (but KEEP the file naming scheme!).

–The mod is based off of my “base” version of the Galaxy Map Music Mod (V1.0)

Instructions to have your own track is included at the link.

Unfortunately, the game engine does not currently provide any means to modders to temporarily pause the music player :/

Mod Version: 2.0
Contact: Discord (@Ghost)
Release Date: 4/30/2017

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