Fox Cosmetic Mod Stellaris

Fox Cosmetic Mod Stellaris

Updated for 1.5.1 this mod adds a variety of human cosmetic options based on government type.

Fox Cosmetic Mod
v0.7c “Banks”

Originally posted by author:
Lets add some more variety.

This mod adds a LARGE number of new outfits to the basegame humans. The clothing each human wears is determined by their government type and their role, thus, militant governments look militant, republic governments look less militant, and oligarchies look corporate.

I’m also experimenting with adding new hairs and faces to the game. I’ve got five new hairstyles, three new beards (also hairstyles), and red hair implemented.

I should note, this has nothing to do with foxes. Think of “Fox” as a brand.


The star empire government clothing is based on the Empire from Star Wars.
The militant government clothing is based on Starship Troopers.
The republic government clothing is based on Fifth Element.
The democratic-republic government clothing is based on an obscure MMORPG called Face of Mankind.
The oligarchy government clothing is based the hit online game Space Station 13 and the Expanse TV show.
The theocratic republic government clothing is based on the Republic from Star Wars. WIP
Adds a number of fancy new hats including berets and caps for a number of military roles.
Adds a number of new hairstyles including red hair and a variety of unique hairs.
Upcoming Features
– More themed clothing.
– Add more hairstyles.
– More hats for various themes.
– Add variety to civilian clothing based on government type.
– Add unique clothing for pirates and theocracy governments.
– Adding new human phenotypes. If you have Maya and would like to help, please contact me by posting in the mod forums, discussion, or my wall!
– Revise and improve female clothing.

V0.7c “More hats!”
– Added xenophobic purifier clothing options for those who want to resemble space Nazis or Soviets.
– Began implementing clothing options for Theocracy governments.
– Implemented most clothing options for Theocratic Republic governments which are based on the Republic from Star Wars. Still missing ruler and R&D.
– Added something like 21 new hats for direct democracies and militarist leader (green and grey).
– Added 7 new female hairstyles.
– Fixed a longstanding male clothing bug.
– Minor code fixes.

– Fixed phenotype 5 hair glitch.
– Tweaked hairstyle selection for phenotypes 2 and 5. Removed crappy looking ones which don’t match.
– Fixed Science Directorate clothing.

V0.7 “Banks”
– Updated for 1.5 “Banks” update and Utopia.
– Added 33 new hair options.

– Added more Oligarchy general hats (baseball caps).

– Updated with more female uniforms
– Added an additional Imperial General uniform (dark stormtrooper)
– Added security berets to Oligarchy uniforms
– Added Military Republic themed uniforms.
– Updated science ship captain code for females.

– Updated what rulers decide to wear.
– Updated female code.
– Added white Imperial uniform for rulers to use.

V0.5c “Captains”
– Updated to enable science ship Captains for oligarchy, republic, and monarchy governments.

V0.5 “Imperial March”
– Added clothing set for Despotic Empire government based on Star Wars.
– Added a couple female ruler outfits for democracies.
– Added Monarchy General and Scientist graphics.
– Modified Oligarchy Admiral to use new clothing.
– Replaced a few of the Democratic-Republic General outfits.

V0.4 “Monarchy”
– Added a number of new Monarchy ruler graphics.
– Added Monarchy Admiral graphics.
– Added five new Direct Democracy General outfits.
– Added an additional Democracy science graphic.

– Fixed female democracy scientist.
– Moved the original labcoat images to primitive nations.

– Added more Oligarchy and Democracy ruler graphics.
– Added more Oligarchy and Democracy science graphics.
– Added one more Oligarchy General graphics.

– Added unique graphics for Direct Democracy Chancellor and General (based on Face of Mankind).

– Released.
– Added new graphics for Republics, Military, and Oligarchy governments.

– Is savegame compatible
– Incompatible with other mods that overwrite human default hair and clothing.

– One model is bugged for humans. It should only show up during ruler creation, it isn’t generated. Not sure what model is causing it.
– The new beards are bald on top. I need to implement those with the hairs.

If you are an artist and want to help out, contact me.
Maybe you are a fancy coder and want to help, contact me.
Got any idea how to add more faces to humans? Let me know!

I am NOT a professional artist by any means. I am going to continually improve and revise these outfits so long as there is interest. Don’t expect miracles.

Terson Darkstone for showing me how to shade and revising militant general (the mobile infantry dress uniform)
Dibujor for helping on the forums with coding support and brainstorming.

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