Forlorn Descendants For Stellaris

Forlorn Descendants For Stellaris

Yet another custom start, this time adding a few extra functions.

In the many years prior, you and the clan you lead have been instrumental in your species’ push for space travel and exploration. You have been adamant in your belief that there are other planets out there as beautiful as your own, and you hope that their unique forms of life will be as colorful and breathtaking as the ones on your homeworld.

You have recently been proclaimed Grand Khan of all the clans on the planet, and with that you have begun the search into the stars. Initial scans have given promising results, and several planets have met your expectations. Of course, all different in their own way, but every bit as amazing as home.

However today you have discovered a problem. These optimal planets appear to be limited, and further scans reveal…less than ideal planets to be the majority in the galaxy. These new planets are, without any doubts, absolutely abhorrent. Their life forms, both flora and fauna disgust you, and the sight of some makes your whole body writhe, and you fight the urge to vomit at the mere thought after closing your eyes.

You simply think to yourself, “This…can’t be right…I have to fix this.”

• Custom species of “Deiexthoryn”, a descendant of a previous incursion from the Prethoryn, with infested planets being leftover and allowed to evolve new forms of life.

• New government type of “Clan Order”.

• Infested World start, with surrounding 7 infested planets to initially colonize, all with unique modifiers.

• Infested Sol option, for those who want to have an experience of an Earth that never was or will be the same as it is in reality.

• Ability to terraform planets to become Infested Worlds to expand your civilization.

If you wish to have your species be on Infested Worlds but not be the Deiexthoryn, simply edit the United Deiexthoryn Clans to your liking before starting.

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