Flame’s Science Tweaks Stellaris

Flame’s Science Tweaks Stellaris

The way research works in vanilla now, is that every planet (past your home planet) add 10% more points of the needed research to research a tech. It also adds 1% for every person in your empire past the first 10. What this amounts to is that the smaller Planets aren’t worth settling if you want to keep decent pace with your research.

I didn’t like this. So i fixed it.

Planets now wont add that 10%, or any penalty for that matter. To make up for this, population adds 1.4% past your first 10 people. Overall, it means research will talke slightly less time to research, But still has some sort of balance in the play, unlike the mods that completely remove the negative effects. (inhabiting a 25 tile planet give a total of 35% both in vanilla and in this, but a 10 tile planet gives 20% in vanilla while mine gives 14%)

Trading changes moved to my other mod: Trade Me

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