Fixed Turrets For Stellaris

Fixed Turrets For Stellaris

Over 50 subs. Thank you very much, I hope everyone using it is enjoying the little detail it does.

155 subs, Im glad it is getting use out there ^-^

Works with 1.6.*

Fixes broken turret placement (including in New Ship Classes and Realistic Ships)
Changes most turrets to their species single barreled version (double barreled for most launchers)
Changes Autocannons to pd turrets (look more autocannony) and Energy Torpedos to Launchers
Shrinks PD turrets slightly
Enlarges Artillery Turrets to look at least somewhat different than standard Driver Turrets.

Edit 3/9/2017 7:25 AM:
Works for all vanilla ship turrets and plantoid turrets.
Any Dlc shipsets created will be included as well after I purchase them which will be fallowed by an update to the TL:DR.

Custom Shipset compatability:
Works with Guilli’s Plantoid Ship Graphics Pack by request.
Works with Dukhat’s MCRN Reptilian Ships by request.

TL:DR Ends here. Rest of the description below for those who dare read on.

Combat in Stellaris, while lacking in tactics, is rather entertaining to watch.

If you like to watch the combat that is. But if you stare into the void the void stares back and then you relize that the double barreled cannon always fires out of just one of the barrels.

Or how small missile turrets look like they should act more like rocket pods instead of firing a single missle.

I really like the different looks to the different sizes of turrets. But once I noticed that issue I decided to mod it out and upload it for anyone else that decides they dont like how it looks to.

I would much rather get each barrel to fire a shot and change missiles to fire in bursts but I lack the knowledge of how or if either of those are possible.

So heres my bandaid fix for that.

Other things ive done in this mod:
Set Autocannons to use enlarged Point Defense Turrets because they look like miniguns.

Set Energy Torpedos to be fired from Missile Turrets (it is still just a missile)

Enlarged Kinetic Artillery to be a bigger turret than regular large drivers.

Shrunk pd turrets slightly

Fixed Large Turrets position on Fungoid Battleship Bow

Fixed a Small Turrets position on Arthropoid Battleship Bow

Fixed a Large Turrets position on a Mammalian Cruiser Bow (seriously? 3 bow issues?)

Fixes for the above issues are also applied if using New Ship Classes (although interetingly Fungoids where already
taken care of)

Fixes also applied to Realistic Ships

I was going to fix up some turrets on titans in ISB DD but cant tell if some locations are a mistake or if the maker wanted them there so left it alone.

I was going to fix up the turrets on custom ship colors (like Dark Mammalian) but there is such a huge number of them.

If you request for me to fix the turret position and sizes for a certain/s custom ship color set then I will (probably) do it so request away.

Side notes:
Missiles still dont look very “right” considering most of them with exception of fungoid are dual launchers with a missile coming out of the middle instead of either of the missiles. But I didnt want to make everything just a single turret.

Reptilians and Molluscoids actually use the large version of their turrets instead of the small as they tend to loose barrels as they go.

Fungoids use upscaled Small Missile Turrets instead of large since their small turret is the only missile turret in the game that makes sense with a single rocket in the middle. Either the different missile turrets should launch missiles differently or all missile turrets should be redesigned with this in mind. IMO

Arthropoids Non Missile Turrets where left alone as they go up in size with a single barrel. Either the multibarreled turrets should fire out of each barrel or all turrets should be redesigned with this in mind. IMO

There is also a “Lite” version of this mod that just fixes the 4 turret positions and leaves turret sizes and looks alone for those of you who mind enough to want your turrets in the correct spot but dont want to loose the variation in size looks/dont mind seeing the Left Cannon of a double barreled cannon fire over and over and over again lol.

Subscribe to the Lite Version here Fixed Turrets Lite

Please notifiy me of any compatability issue although I would expect there not to be any. Although to get the Autocannons and Artillery to use their “enhanced” models I did have to alter the whole of the 00_weapons_projectile.txt. While I dont see why any other mod that does the same would conflict in a way that it crashes, it is possible for mine to overwrite theirs and remove their changes or theirs to overwrite mine and revert the 2 “enhancements” back to normal.

Unless Paradox fixes these issues themselfs (either redoing the weapon effects or remaking all turrets to be single barreled) then this should always be compatabile. I figure this would technically still be compatabile in the “not cause crash” way though. Just then you would have weapon effects coming from no where and/or old turret designs replacing newer better ones.

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