Faster Vassal Integration (2x) Stellaris

Faster Vassal Integration (2x) Stellaris

The speed of vassal integration in Stellaris is calculated as follows:

– There’s a base cost of 20 influence
– For every pop the target has, you pay 10 influence more
– For every target planet, you pay 50 influence
– The cost is always paid off at 3 influence per month.

This can be excruciatingly slow in the late game when your targets are bigger so the mod changes the factors to 5 per pop and 20 per planet – a bit faster than 2x for large vassals.

Ideally the game would consider your empire’s size in some fashion when calculating the time it takes to integrate a vassal, but Stellaris doesn’t appear to be moddable that deep. It’s easy to tweak parameters but the guts seem to be wrapped up in the main executable.

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