Faster Start: More Starting Recources! STellaris

Faster Start: More Starting Recources! STellaris

1.6.* Compatible! If there is a bug, please contact me in the comments. I do not test this mod in detail, as I have many different mods and I dont even use many of them myself.

I have also created a lite version of this mod. If you feel that this mod is too overpowered and gives too many bonuses, this is for you!

Ever wanted to start a new game of Stellaris, but decided not to since you’ve gone through the early game so many times that you didn’t feel like trucking through 5 hours of gameplay to get to the fun parts? If you have, this mod is for you.

This mod is meant to greatly speed up the early game by giving extra resources and science to every player, INCLUDING the AI. This means that it is a balanced mod, as every player will get these bonuses.

Things changed in the mod include:
-3000 Starting Energy Credits
-5000 Starting Minerals
-500 Starting Influence
-50 base starting Science for each type instead of 5
-15 base starting energy and minerals instead of 0

Patch Notes: 1.3.2- Removed faster science and construction ship speed. This change did not really make any sense in the first place and was also sort of overpowered, especially with the new update adding automated exploration. Not to mention this change could have been breaking a few events in the game. If anyone actually really cared about this change and is sad to see it go, comment below. I might get around to making a seperate mod if enough people request it.

Reduced Fat Goku
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