Extra Events 1.9.5 For Stellaris

Extra Events 1.9.5 For Stellaris

About The Mod
Extra Events is a mod that adds 63 brand new top quality events to increase the fun you have on Stellaris and also helps keep the mid-late game interesting. This mod is compatable with all known versions and other mods. More events are coming.

I am looking for contributors for ideas, bug testing, language support, coding partners etc! Send me a friend request if you’re interested in helping.
Extra Events 1.9.5 for Stellaris 1.6.*

Some Events Included are:
A Crazy Scientist
A Mineral Monolith
An Adventurers Last Words
Exceptional Engineering
The Space Nomads
The Star Search Special Project
The Serial Killer Storyline Event
Everything Included:
35 New Anomaly Events
1 New Special Project Event Chain
26 New Pop-Up Events
1 New Unique Storyline Event
Multistaged Events
Multichoice Events
Events that will effect your civlization
Decisions that will help carve your empire
Ethical decisions
Ethic specific events
Your decisions actually matter
English – Done – Bürgermeister
German – Mostly Done – NotGo0d / Sleya
Russian – Done – 3ChiThai / Had / Lord_Assaultーさま
French – Done – Dr.Stranglove
Polish – Mostly Done – jsw22236
Spanish – Need Translator
Portugese – Need Translator
Future Planned Updates
Diplomatic Events
More Anomaly Events
More Ethic Specific Events
More Special Project Event Chains
More Pop-Up Events
More Stories
Had, Infinite, Appareson, Sleya, NotGo0d, jsw22236, Lord_Assaultーさま, Dr.Stranglove

Latest Update
Update 9.2 | 4/7/17

[^] Updated mod to support 1.5 “Banks” and Utopia

Update 9.3 | 4/9/17

[+] Russian localisation completed by Lord_Assaultーさま

Update 9.4 | 4/26/17

[+] French localisation completed by Dr.Stranglove
[!!] The ‘Asteroid Attack’ event no longer kills your scientist.
[!!] The ‘Space Grave’ event has been touched up a bit.

Update 9.5 | 5/11/17

[^] Updated mod to support 1.5 “Adams”


Thank you for the 300+ ratings, 18,500 downloads and 750+ favorites!

!! Extra Events can be added to your game at any point in time without conflict !!

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