Extended Traits Stellaris

Extended Traits Stellaris

This mod adds over 20 additional species traits to select from, as well as 6 additional ruler and governor traits that your Empire rulers can spawn with.

Featured in SirTristan’s.


This mod is compatible with any mod that that does not modify the default species traits file (uses their own file names). This is to ensure that the order of the traits remains the same.

Language Support

English by r-M.

New Species Traits:

Cost: -1

  • -5% to all scientific research

Cost: -2

  • -10% to all scientific research

Cost: -2

  • -20% to food production

Cost: -1

  • -10% to energy production

Cost: -2

  • -15% to mineral production

Cost: 2

  • Army Morale +20%
  • Army Damage +20%

Cost: -2

  • Army Morale -20%
  • Army Damage -20%

Cost: -3

  • Clear planet tile blocker cost +50%
  • Clear planet tile blocker speed +75%
  • Terraforming cost +25%
  • Colony development speed -10%

Cost: 2

  • Monthly influence +1

Cost: -2

  • Monthly influence -1

Cost: -1

  • Garrison health -50%
  • Fortification defense -50%

Very Weak
Cost: -3

  • Army damage -40%
  • Army health -25%
  • -15% to mineral production

Incompetent Engineers
Cost: -1

  • -15% to engineering research

Incompetent Physicists
Cost: -1

  • -15% to physics research

Incompetent Sociologists
Cost: -1

  • -15% to sociology research

Politically Adept
Cost: 1

  • +1 max rivalries
  • -25% influence cost for diplomatic actions
  • 25% increased trust growth

Natural Architects
Cost: 1

  • Building time: -5%
  • Building cost: -10%

Incompetent Architects
Cost: -1

  • Building time: +5%
  • Building cost: +10%
New Ruler Traits:

Veteran Politician
+20% Influence

Scientific Mind
+5% to all research speed

+15% planet border radius

New Governor Traits:

Energetic Encourager
-15% pop growth time

Apathetic – Acquired trait
-5% pop happiness
-10% energy production

Inspiring Leader
+5% pop happiness
+5% pop war happiness
-10% pop ethic shift

Thanks to Havelok for some of the trait ideas. Thanks to Chilla for getting Empire modifiers working.

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