Expanded Tradition Choice For Stellaris

Expanded Tradition Choice For Stellaris

A bundle of new traditions, including choices. Doesn’t require Utopia.

By Maethydd & Hootsmon ( & special thanks to Birdy)

Tested for Version 1.5.1

This mod was inspired by Birdy’s “Plentiful Traditions” mod. Personally, I found the lack of real choice between traditions in the base game somewhat disappointing, and was glad to see mods existing to change this. Here is our take on adding some new choices:

– Voidcraft: This tree focuses on improving military space stations, which seemed overly weak in the base game. As well as increasing planetary sensor range and offering a nice bonus on ship building and emergency FTL

– Collectivism (Mutually exclusive with Individualism): Harking back to the older ethics loadout, this allows for players to further specialise their empire towards a central governance system, with bonuses to edicts, leader slots and a strong central authority (You can, after all, play an egalitarian collectivist). This tree also allows access to a new “Ministry of Order” planet-unique building.

– Individualism (Mutually exclusive with Collectivism): This tree grants further bonuses to migration speed, xeno-happiness, and faction bonuses. Focus here is on individual rights and their bonuses.

– Commonwealth (Mutually exclusive with Prosperity): I was rather disappointed with the prosperity tradition tree. Having been raised on star trek, it would have been nice to have a strong economic focus without being overtly corporatist or “profit focused”. This tree does that, by allowing access to matter replication and the benefits of education and self improvement over profit. Grants access to two new planet-unique buildings (to balance the lack of unity from the prosperity tree): The Industrial Matter Replicator and the Free Academy.

– Exploration: As an extension of the Discovery tree, this focuses on planetary surveys and ship speed, offering a decent bonus for players that enjoy the early game surveying and exploration.. And a small combat bonus.

All credit for the idea, the UI editing and the base code goes to Birdy, with his Plentiful traditions mod ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=903007094 , check it out, it’s brilliant!). Along with our thanks for his allowing us to use his code.

Should be compatible with most mods (I myself play with several). I have kept the editing of vanilla files to a minimum, however, the “topbar_traditions_view.gui” has been changed, so if your mod also alters this, there will likely be some issues.


Can I continue my current campaign whilst adding this mod?

Yes, this mod is savegame compatibile.

Why did you not add ascension perks in addition to the new traditions?

The whole idea of this mod was to encourage specialisation and a sense of “Role-play” with your nation. The whole idea is to not have to select every single tree, but to diversify and offer different play throughs some flavour.


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