Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks For Stellaris

Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks For Stellaris

I am currently travelling and unable to make any changes to the mod, however I am happy for feedback and bug reports. When I get back in the beginning of August I will fix bugs and do some balancing, and after that add some more perks I have planned.

This mod adds 52 new Ascension Perks to the game (11 more coming soon). Designate your planets as Forge Worlds our Ecumenopolises. Attract foreign migrants (you select the species), gain Interest on your stored energy credits, or unlock special rare technologies to be discovered.

I have tried to keep away from “Boring” stuff (like +25% Border Range). There is still a few perks like that, but I have tried to make things as fun as possible. A lot of the perks have more to them than what is written in the description (It would have become far to long!). I will upload a list with detailed descriptions among the discussions were you can check closer what each perk do (in addition to a list with a shorter description of each perk).

Example Perks
– Ecumenopolis: Lets you designate a planet as an Ecumenopolis, giving several modifiers including a big increase in pop upkeep. This also unlocks 15 new powerful buildings, each available in 3 tiers, to construct on the planet.
– Active Immigration Policy [Xenophiles Only]: Lets you fire a planet event which gives you a selection of xeno species which you can “import” to the planet.
– Deep Core Mining: Lets you discover new mineral deposits on a planet, but reduces its happiness and habitability.
– Planetary Consumption [Hive Minds Only]: Lets you consume a planet, truning it barren but yields large quantities of resources.
– Ultimate Ascension & Perfect Ascension: Unlocks the ability to combine the perks from the various ascension paths (including one new tier 2 perk added to each path).

Expanded Stellaris Traditions
Check out my other mod, Expanded Stellaris Traditions which adds 19 new Tradition Trees to the game!

Example traditions:
– Unity when destroying enemy ships/stations.
– Bonus to planets with at least 3 different species.
– Adds new trait to all leaders.
– Bonus while no active trade deals.
– Convert other empires pops to your ethics.
and a lot more!

The Addon Pack
I made a few perks (2) which will might have some compatibility issues (with mods modifying the vanilla diplomatic actions file or the habitat buildings file). To prevent any incompatibility you should download that as well. It also updates four perks with new effects. It’s compatible with most stuff so you should definitely think about using that as well. Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks – Addon

When making my tradition mod I made the traditions a bit weaker when I was in doubt. Ascension Perks are by nature supposed to be a bit Op though. There might be a bit balancing to be done, so if you have any input please tell me! Especially now when it is newly released you will probably find something.

Perks in Progress
I have another 11 perk designs ready. I wanted to have them in the initial release but I decided to upload this and then add them, you should see them included quite soon.
– 2 Hive Mind Perks.
– 8 Perks for Fanatic Ethics.
– 1 Perks for Advanced Civics.

This is compatible with everything that do not modify the vanilla file. I can make a compatibility version/patch if you want- The reason I modify this file is to allow people to combine the various ascension paths (by selecting special perks).

The guys in the Stellaris Mod Discord Channel
Helped me with a few things.

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