EvE Online Music Collection Mod

EvE Online Music Collection Mod

Hello all!

I present you with an EvE Music Collection. All tracks are ambient and shouldn’t shift from calm to chaotic, so there shouldn’t be any bleeding ears or jump scares.


The survey:
Survey Monkey for removal of songs.
I check this daily and I thank you for your effort to help me tailor this mod.

Songs on the list for removal:
* RealX – Pieces Of Shrapnel *Has been removed with a 75% vote rate*

News and updates:

1:Does this mod override the vanilla music or other mods? (All your music is safe, nothing will be replaced.) 2:Can I make any suggestions? (If you find a song that you think should be in the pack, please let me know.) 3:It says the mod is outdated, will it still work? (Yes; anything music related is not affected by updates.) 4:Does it work with any of my old save files? (It will work with any of your old saves,you can even remove it at any point.Your save files will be safe and sound.)

Date: 7/5/17.
*Updated the mod to 1.6.2.
Date: 5/16/17.
*Updated the mod to 1.6.1.

Date: 5/13/17.
Added several new tracks:

1. Detached From Time.
2. EVE Online Ascension.
3. Freedom At Last.
4. The Legend Perseveres.
5. The Ones We Left Behind.
6. Towards The Inevitable.
7. Unfathomable Depths.
Total of 30 songs

Date: 5/9/17.
*Updated the mod for 1.6.0.

Date: 4/20/17.
*Added the URL for the survey to the description page.
*Changed the logo ever so slightly.

Date: 4/21/17.
*Added several more tracks.
*Changed the quality of the tracks to a higher bit-rate.

Date: 4/24/17.
Added several new tracks:

1. Valkyrie Ambient Track.
2. AcheronTheme.
3. AegisTheme.
4. GalateaTheme.
5. Retribution.
6. Theme From Jita.
Total of 24 songs

*Fixed popping and crackling distortions in some of the tracks, this proved to be a (Hz) problem and is now fixed. Everything should be crystal clear now and only weapons and explosions should be adding to the atmosphere.
(Retro-radio station effect in the future??)


Special thanks:
My fiancé for supporting my idea for a mod. <3
To Rem Fever Label[soundcloud.com] For letting me use their work for this mod.
CCP for making such an amazing game and equally amazing music, that even after seven years, I feel nostalgic about.
Legal notice: I do not own nor claim to own any of the works presented in this mod. I made this mod with the utmost respect for their work and art. The tracks and the titles belong to their respective owners and/or artists.

I hope you all enjoy the mod, as much as I did making it!

–Kind regards,


Panda Bamboo Roll
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