Enhanced Species Names Stellaris

Enhanced Species Names Stellaris

After I implemented a new name list with more readable and recognisable names, I noticed it’s only half the problem: most species and initial star names also have rather confusing and meaningless names, some times a little too much for me to memorize.
In order to solve this, I’m doing some new species/star names, but in two flavors: descriptive names and thematic names.
Descriptive names are based on the idea that other races also named their home planets with translateable names like “Earth”. For this type, I added things like “Soil”, “Home”, “The Great Mother” and “Ancestral Craddle” for home planet, “Sky Flame”, “The Allfather” and “Heaven” for home star, and “Soulborn”, “Chosen One” and “Thinker” for race names.
Thematic names are a little bit less realistic (as names a foreign species would give themselves) but kinda immersive: each type of species gained some legendary or self-descriptive names for them. So there will be Quetzalcoatli, Phoenixes and Falconids for avians, Krakens and Leviathans for moluscoids, Orcs and Elves for humanoids or Dragons, Wyverns and Salamanders for reptiles. All of them come with either mythological names for home planet/star, or descriptive ones.

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