Enhanced Galaxy – Dark Core Mod

Enhanced Galaxy – Dark Core Mod

This is a graphics only re-worked galaxy color and nebula clouds. There is no bright galactic core, perfect for games with stars in the galaxy core or just to get rid of the pixelated, overbright center. As an added bonus, the 1.3mb center.dds file has been replaced with a tiny file (no promises on performance increases).

The galaxy color image itself is not shown in-game, instead it is used to colorize the “space dust” effect. With darker colors the dust clouds are less prominent.

This mod only alters image files, it will have no impact on save games and can be edabled/disabled without any issues. It will only conflit with other mods that also alter the galaxy color or nebula clouds. It is very likely that it will continue to function through any game updates even if the game reports this mod as being out-of-date.

Incognito Incognita
Darker, less intense “Terra Incognita” (aka Fog of War)

No-fill Borders
Changes empire borders from bright colored blobs into outline borders with no fill, great for screen shots of new galaxy colors!

Subdued Borders
Changes empire borders from bright colored blobs into less intense blobs with bright outlines

Enhanced Galaxy – Orange
Same familiar orange colored galaxy with more details, softened nebula clouds and a darker galactic rim

Enhanced Galaxy – Teal
A whole new galaxy to conquer! Custom galaxy colors including the galactic center and nebula clouds

Hidden Hyperlanes
Hide those hyperlanes in unexplored space!

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