Elysium Ring System Stellaris

Elysium Ring System Stellaris

This mod will provide you with an additional choice of starting solar system during race creation “Elysium Ring System”. The system provides you with a huge starting advantage with access to a perfect ring world and 3 physics focussed ocean research planets. The Elysium system has a greek mythology theme with celestial bodys named after greek gods.

The Elysium System has the following features:

– The Elysiums System is a self sufficient star system similar to a fallen empire, consisting of 7 habitable zones.
– 3 Research Planets, with 5 planet modifiers on each, including both the 20% and 5% physics bonuses.
– 2 ring world zones with mineral plant fallen empire setups.
– 2 ring world zones with energy plant fallen empire setups.
– The system itself features all the strategic resources you could possibly need for an energy/physics build.

Recomended Race/Ethics:
I recommend you try:

Ethics: F.Materialist / any
Race: Ocean preference, Intelligent/Physics/any

DISCLAIMER: This is clearly cheating, however its fun!

This is a DIRTY mod, it alters the “gamestart file” allowing starting planets to have planetary modifiers, this mod will conflict with any other mod that alters “game_start.txt”. It should be compatible with 99% of mods as i’ve yet to come across another that alters this file, however if there are any conflicts it will become apparant right at the start of the game “before you unpause”.

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