Elves of Stellaris Mod

Elves of Stellaris Mod

Adds an expanded version of space elves along with new: portraits, outfits, hairstyles, ships, city style, flags, name lists, Avari worlds, fallen empire elves, random primitive elves, traits, and probably several other things I’ve now forgotten.

Elven Ship Style
Naboo meets Imperial themed ship set. With elfy vines. Or something. All vanilla ships included. Habitat newly finished. The rest of the stations (and megastructures) are on the way.
SCX support included.
NSC support included.
Downscaled Ships Patch Here!
ISB Patch! <– Made by Tsunatus, not by us. ????
Elven Portraits
She Elves
8 animated phenotypes, 5 color variations. (Some new portraits by myself and one by Llossaa.. with elf ears.)
123 total hairstyles (including crown/tiara versions). Long hairs have elfy ears sticking out. Because that’s important.
160 outfits. All by me now. Tend to be fantasy themed rather than sci-fi because: elves have better fashion sense. Sort of.
He Elves
3 animated portraits, 5 color variations. Two adapted humans (with elf ears) and one hot Stellaris space elf.
63 hairstyles (including crown/tiara versions). Absolutely NO MAN BUNS. EVER!
113 outfits! Again mostly fantasy themed.
Variable Clothing
Pops on cold planets have warm clothes.
Pops on certain planets have… less clothes.
Enslaved pops have slave clothes. Now depends on slave type. (Utopia only!)
Primitive pops have primitive clothes!
Fallen empire elves all have spooky color coordinated clothes!
Elven City Style
A new Elven city style!
Avari Rings
A new Elf Only™ megastructure. A giant shiny, spinny, planetary ring that: increases habitability 200%, increases ship construction speed 100%, increases happiness 10%, increases fortification 100%. It’s not cheap and requires the Galactic Wonders ascension perk.
Solar System Starts
Elven Sanctuary
Start on an gaia world (size 25) that orbits a binary system with a black hole feeding off a strange blue star. Elven themed planets.
Elven Origins
Start on a planet with an existing Avari ring (size 25) in a system where a pulsar feeds off a smaller star. A temporary planetary modifier mitigates much of bonus effects of the Avari ring for 30-40 years. (Takes some time to relearn how to make use of the thing.) Also Elven style planet theme.
Elven (COST: 2)
Elves live a long time but take a bit to… populate. Uses the new immortal property introduced in Banks. (Note: only shows up in game, not in the trait selection window. A Stellaris issue.)
Sidh Adherants
Planet Unrest – 15%; 5% More Unity. Restricted to peace hippies. Note: Pops tend to wear less with this civic!
Arcane Societies
15% Psionics research boost; -10% anomaly fail rate; 5% research boost; Anybody but materialistic nuts.
Mage Discipline
10% fortification bonus; %10 happiness bonus; +5% ship hulls; Anybody but materialistic nuts.
Elven Names Lists
3 Elven name lists. A combination of elven and sort of elven names from.. all over the place.
Fallen Empires
Elves have a 1/4 chance of being one of your Fallen Empires. They’re… a bit beefier than the vanilla variety. (Not too much.)
Primitive Elves
Occasionally a primitive elf system will spawn. (Sometimes binary systems, sometimes not.) They sometimes have special savage trait that makes them quite nasty as soldiers. All primitive worlds have guardian armies. Invade at your own peril. NOTE: To customize the amount that can show up, edit the common/solar_system_initializers/elven_special_system_initializers.txt file. The total amount that can appear are defined at the top of the file!

Stellar Trails Disabler (They really look better without the blue trails!)
The Asari Civilisation (I did the ships for that one too.)
Star Falls!
Star Wars Fractal Ships
Human Revolution

Will you do ships of X, Y, Z, or Q?
NO! Because I’m already busy enough with 3 ship sets.
Some part of this is broke WHEN ARE FIXING IT!???
Right now I’m super busy with ships so until that’s done, there are still going to be some rough edges. (Balance, etc.)
Will this conflict with X mod!???
No. Probably not. Maybe. ???? It shouldn’t. I don’t fuss with any vanilla files.
I don’t want stupid elves! Where’s the DROW!???
On their way. I need to finish their ships first.

TheGrandN, Teneb Kel, Princess Stabbity
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