Edict Redux Mod

Edict Redux Mod

This mod adds 16 new edicts for each unique Ethic (f.e. Materialists and Fanatical Materialists), 22 new edicts for each vanilla Personality (f.e. Federation Builders and Honourbound Warriors), 28 edicts inspired by the More AI Personalities mod (f.e. Civlised Nomads and Psychotic Hordes) and 21 planetary edicts to help with expansion and playing ‘tall’ (they will add new tiles and resources to the world.) The new edicts will be put in below the base edicts.
The AI will have the same level of access to the edicts as you do. For the More AI Personalities edicts, the mod must be installed and active for the AI to take those edicts.

Generally, the Fanatical Ethic’s edict has stronger effects than the standard Ethic’s Edict, and carry an extra benefit. You can have as many ethics Edicts active as you have ethics.

Personality edicts will always have 3 bonus effects, and the more specific personality types (e.g. Fanatical Befrienders and Fallen Empire personalities) will be stronger than the generic personality types – but for balance reasons you can only activate one of the personality edicts at a time. Other personality edicts will be hidden if you have one currently active.

Planet Upgrade edicts start the game locked behind related technologies which must be researched before you can use them. These edicts will upgrade a certain aspect of your planet (either by increasing the size or the resource count of the world) but give a resource malus on the world for a time. There are three tiers to them, called Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Tier 1 is free but provides the fewest resources. Tier 2 is middle ground for resources and cost. Tier 3 is the most expensive, but provides the most resources.
Tile granting edicts cannot be used once a planet hits 25 tiles, or would go over 25 tiles if used. Tier 1 edicts which grant resources cannot be used on a planet once there are two of that resource on every available tile.

Modules as smaller versions of Edict Redux which contain a single aspect of the mod (for example, just Planet Upgrades). Thanks to the file structue, they will run fine without the base mod and works perfectly in concurrence with it.
There is currently one module component for this mod, with just the Planet Upgrades. Edict Redux – Planetary Upgrades

COMPATIBILITY (Stellaris Version 1.4.*)
The following Vanilla files were changed for this mod, to rebalance some of the edicts.
Generally, this mod will be compatible with any other mod. However, mods that change Ethics or Personalities should be used with caution.

This mod is compatible all languages, but unfortunately all text strings will be in English.

If you have any issues with this mod, let me know as soon as possible and share as much info as you can. It may likely be a mod compatibility issue, but I’ll take a look at it nevertheless.

Ungentlemanly Conduct
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