[DUNE] Windtrap For Stellaris

[DUNE] Windtrap For Stellaris

This mod aimes to expand the possibilities in building your colonies by keeping the vanilla experience as far as possible and to bring some content of one of the most famous scifi game and novel series – DUNE.

So here it is… the iconc, scratchmade ‘Windtrap Power Center’.

In comparision to the normal power plant the windtrap doen’t generate that much power but gives a food bonus to itself and the adjecent tiles. To unlock the windtrap you need to research a rare technology called ‘effcient air turbines’.

With the requirements fulfilled, this building can be upgraded twice.

To itself: +1 energy (+1 per upgrade) | +1 food
Adjecent tile: +0 food (+1 per upgrade)

That means this building can give your Hydroponic Farms and Clinics a slight boost, so there is no need to build that many of it.

No vanilla files modified.

english, german

– maybe a new ressource.. spice. And the associated refinery.
– a light factory and a heavy factory (upgrade) for building light combat vehicles and tanks.
and more to come..

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