Dune: The Spice Wars Stellaris

Dune: The Spice Wars Stellaris

This mod attempts to bring the Duniverse to Stellaris through massive changes to all systems of the game, currently a work in progress there are many more features to be implemented.

***** ENGLISH ONLY *****
If you wish to help out by creating a translation for another language please let me know, I would like to have all languages supported eventually but I only have a very basic grasp of French, German, Spanish and Japanese.

– Dune Houses:
House Atreides (Planet Caladan), House Corrino (Planet Kaitain),
House Ecaz (Planet Ecaz), House Ehzharian (Planet Enif),
House Ginaz (Planet Ginaz), House Harkonnen (Planet Geidi Prime),
House Khumali (Planet Khumali), House Moritani (Planet Grumman),
House Richese (Planet Richese), House Tantor (Planet Tantor),
House Vernius (Planet IX), House Wayku (Planet New Wayku),
The Spacing Guild (Planet Junction), Fremen (Planet Arrakis),
Bene Gesserit (Wallach IX), Bene Tleilaxu (Planet Tleilax),
The Mentat Order (Planet Septimus), House Rayki (Planet Mars)
All Houses have custom clothing and species.

Two Hive Mind empires available:
House Ordos, controlled by the Executrix (Planet Sigma Draconis IV).
Synchronised Worlds, controlled by Omnius (Planet Synchrony).

Note: House IX from the games is not an actual house, it is the
Ninth planet of the Alkalurops system controlled by House Vernius.
If you want Ixian tech then choose Vernius.
Also I am aware that House Ordos is not considered canon, it is
included for the computer game genre of Dune lovers, after all this is
a computer game.

– The Spice Melange:
Is only available on Arrakis where you can have what you get or
kill some worms for more, (killable worms are temporary until I resolve
some future additions).

– GUI:
Colour change and start screen changed for further immersion
Gene Modification window resized.

– New planet classes:
Arrakis, rock world with permanent Sand tile blockers.
Garden Preserve (Earth), uninhabitable Garden planet.

– Enclaves:
House Fenring (Research – Currently Under Revision)
House Jongleur (Artists)
CHOAM (Traders)

– Galaxy:
Added Binary and Trinary Star Systems
New Galaxy image
Static Galaxy with organised starting positions
Improved Sol System;
Added Pluto with Charon as a Desert moon
Added Phobos and Deimos, Mars’ main moons
Added Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda and Oberon, Uranus’ main moons
Added Enceladus, Mimas, Rhea and Tethys, More of Saturn’s moons
Titan is also now Ocean moon
Changed Earth to a Garden Preserve
Mars now a House starting planet
Improved Alpha Centauri System:
System changed to a permanent Trinary system
Added Proxima Centauri (a star) on the outside edge of the solar system
Added four planets, including Proxima b, in orbit around the Proxima Star

Future Updates:
– Fremen to be turned into a primitive culture who can be enslaved or uplifted at will, allowing the colonization of Arrakis by the Imperial Houses, as was originally proposed by tincanrocket
– Synchronised worlds to become a Fallen Empire, capable of being awakened by an End Game crisis or close colonization by other Houses.
– Lost Tleilaxu and Honoured Matres to be implemented as main factions in the End Game crisis.
– Canon changes and additions to Events, Technology, Traditions, Leviathans and Traits
– Warscore system converted to Kanly system, harder restrictions to system annexing after battle, higher focus on diplomatic resolutions.
– Convert The Guild into an Enclave which sells Spice and Heighliners a player or AI can buy to travel long distances with a good reputation, but can be revoked if reputation drops too low.

Known Bugs:
An error shows up in the error.log file stating entities for Omnius and Guild navigators weren’t found, yet they show in game, been investigating this for a good day now but can’t seem to sort it out.
Names of Houses are incorrectly applied, seems to be a species name related problem but am unable to locate the source.

Rayki, tincanrocket
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