Dragon-themed Descriptive Fantasy Names Mod

Dragon-themed Descriptive Fantasy Names Mod

I’m always bothered by the fact most names are too alien and hard to remember. Is “Xil’Ashkandur” the Arid 25 tiles planet or the small Ocean one?

In order to solve this, I generated a name list with descriptive names – in this case, fantasy, dragon-themed ones. Now you can be lead by Bright Fury, Diamond Wings or Fierce Roar, explore the galaxy aboard the ship ISS Sapphire Mind and blast your enemies with the Pale Hunter-class cruiser “ISS Mighty Hurricane”.

Also, the planets have a high chance of receiving names related to their type: Ocean planets will be called “Indigo Riches”, “Abyssal Refuge” or “Tidal Fortress”, while Desert ones will be known as “Fire Shard”, “Golden Throne” or “Cuprite Treasure”.

(Despite the name, these names work well with other races too, specially those that have wings, horns, claws or imaginative minds)

In the future I will develop other lists like this one, with other themes such as ‘religious’, ‘feudal’ and ‘cute’. Feel free to suggest names (and provide adjective/substantive lists if possible)!

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