Diverse Geoengineering For Stellaris

Diverse Geoengineering For Stellaris

Compatibility patch v1.0.0
for Stellar Expansion – Geoengineering
to work with Planetary Diversity
for Stellaris v1.5.*

This patch allows “Stellar Expansion – Geoengineering” to work with all planet types from “Planetary Diversity”.

Basic rules of geoenginnering are here:

24 normal habitable planet types, divided into 6 groups of 4 (for example: continental, ocean, tropical, mangrove). All these planets are transformable into each other:
I). To terraform planet within the same main habitability group it is required to build and use Terrestrial Reformation Reactor.
II). To terraform any planet into the type outside of it’s original habitability group it is required to build and use Atmospheric Variation Reactor.
All normal planets can be turned into Gaia world with the help of Gaiaformation Reactor.

2 exotical life planet types: Ammonia and Methane worlds. They can’t be terraformed at all but you can still build Climate Moderation Complex on them for habitability bonus (not sure why someone would want to do that but why not?! ^^)

Tomb world planets can be terraformed into any of 26 planet types via Climate Restoration Reactor. But be aware that if you terraform Tomb world into exotical life world then it will stay as one forever.

Localizations: English, German, Russian.

1.0.0 – release, added russian and german localizations
0.9.0 – initial (open beta)

This mode creates a bunch of it’s own files and overwrites several files from “Stellar Expansion – Geoengineering”:

It shouldn’t cause any issues with other mods.

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