Deposit Creator Mod

Deposit Creator Mod

This mod is a simple tool I made that will allow you to add an orbital deposit of your choosing to a selected planet, star, or any celestial body. I’ll use planet for convenience from now on, but it will work on any celestial body e.g. asteroids and stars. You can choose from four different size deposits of all the basic resources (minerals, energy, research), and strategic and terraforming resources.

To use this mod: select the planet to which you want to add the orbital deposit, open your console, type (without the brackets), and choose from your options!

See changelog for latest updates.

I use the handle Cheikar on the PDX forums so feel free to contact me there or on here.

Note: This mod will clear the orbital deposit currently assigned to the planet when you first trigger the event. This is necessary to keep the game from getting confused when you try to add a deposit to something that previously had the null deposit.

Compatibility Note: this mod really shouldn’t conflict with any other mod. It alters no base files and only adds new events and localisation for those events. If it does seem like it is conflicting with something else, please bring it to my attention.

Future Plans/To-Do: Add combination deposits e.g. both energy and mineral deposits
Improve menu navigation

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions! Creating this mod was primarily a way for me to educate myself about Stellaris modding. As such, feel free to examine the code and see how I did what I did. If you want to use or incorporate this mod in your own mod, please just give me credit and ask me first. I will almost certainly say yes. Otherwise, feel free to poke around to your heart’s content. Enjoy! ????

Thanks to asnys on the PDX forums for the idea about setting a planet flag to get around the scope problem.

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