DarkVicarius Balance Mod For Stellaris

DarkVicarius Balance Mod For Stellaris

— UPDATED for Adams patch 1.6 —

– Unlocked by new Technologies that often provide their own extra benefits


Commune Buildings (3 versions)
– Dual-yield buildings that produce 2 of each resource pairing (Food & Energy, Minerals & Energy, Food & Minerals). Very useful for retaining natural tile yields and adjacency bonuses from Planetary Administration.

Self-Sufficient Enclave
– Upgrade for the Commune buildings. Costs Influence but increases the yield to 2 Food, 2 Energy, 2 Minerals, and removes the building’s upkeep.

– (Planet-unique) Provides Influence and Unity. Also boosts Unity in adjacent tiles and raises the Influence cap. Cannot be built by Hive Minds.

Fertility Church
– (Empire-unique) +5 Food, +5 Society research, and +2 adjacency bonus for those two yields. Also increases population growth on its planet.

Ferromagnetic Assembler
– (Empire-unique) +5 Minerals, +5 Engineering research, and +2 adjacency bonus for those two yields. Also decreases army recruitment cost on its planet.

Fermion Collider
– (Empire-unique) +5 Energy, +5 Physics research, and +2 adjacency bonus for those two yields. Also speeds up ship production in that planet’s spaceport.

Welfare Center
– (Empire-unique) Expensive structure that provides +1 Influence and +5 Society research, but at the cost of Food maintenance

Entanglement Bureau
– (Empire-unique) Expensive structure that provides +1 Core Sector limit and +5 Physics research.

Orbital Teleporter
– (Empire-unique) Very expensive structure that significantly reduces the cost of all Megastructure projects. Also provides Engineering research.

Wonders & Planetminds
– Each empire can build 2-3 unique “national wonders” (one for each different Ethic they have). Each wonder provides a UNIQUE and EXTREMELY powerful effect, depending on the associated Ethic.
– Hive Minds (which don’t have any ethics) can instead build Planetminds to specialize their planets with similarly powerful bonuses.


Stellar Lenses – provides Energy
Atmospheric Enhancer – provides Food
Propaganda Array – provides Influence
Armada Beacon – provides Naval Capacity and spaceport defense


Imperial Guard (early game)
– increases fleet capacity by a small amount

Galactic Feudalism edicts (mid game, mutually exclusive with each other)
– Autonomous Bishops – greatly increases Unity at the cost of sector autonomy
– Plebeian Cooperatives – greatly increases Pop Growth at the cost of sector autonomy
– Feudal Warlords – greatly increases Fleet Capacity at the cost of sector autonomy
– Corporate Charters – greatly increases Research Speed at the cost of sector autonomy

Goliath Protocol (late game)
– grants a moderate combat bonus against all fallen & crisis empires


In addition to adding the above items, this mod greatly increases strategic depth in the economic portion of the game. It changes many costs and values for buildings, tile blockers, stations, armies, and so on to make it a lot more challenging, engaging, and rewarding to build up a good economy. It makes early warmongering come at a greater cost to long term development, and it creates more interesting decisions of when and where to spend your food, energy, minerals, and influence, particularly in the early-to-middle game.

Additionally, it greatly increases the hitpoints of spaceports and military stations to create the opportunity for attrition warfare and static defense.

The mod also makes the AI more competitive on Hard and Insane difficulties. For solo play, Hard is recommended. For co-op, feel free to try Insane though you might get slaughtered.

This mod will continuously receive updates as gameplay evolves and official patches are released. Feel free to provide feedback or suggest changes, and please give it a thumbs-up if you like it!

Mod versions 1.0 – 2.4:
– changed costs and maintenance of buildings, fleets, spaceports, colony ships, etc. to provide a much more challenging early-to-mid game development curve
– defensive stations and spaceports are now formidable obstacles against enemy fleets
– roaming space monsters (crystalline, drones, amoeba, pirates) are stronger
– significantly increased starting stockpile of energy, minerals, and influence
– tile blockers are more varied and impactful, and they cost lot more energy and sometimes food to remove, but much fewer minerals
– leaders cost more to recruit and are slower to level up, but their experience gives more powerful bonuses – makes long life for leaders a much more useful trait
– improved the bonus effects of all Strategic Resources (garanthium, orillium, engos, pitharan, etc)
– NEW Buildings! – see above
– NEW Spaceport Modules! – see above
– Reworked the mod to align with the new Banks 1.5 features
– Added five unique Planetminds (wonders) that a Hive Mind empire can build. Each planet can only have one Planetmind. This makes up for Hive Minds not being able to build ethics wonders.
– Added Orbital Teleporter unique building (see above)
– Updated the mod for game version Adams 1.6
– The new buildings are now unlocked by various new technologies rather than always being available. These technologies, in turn, provide some extra side benefits to your empire
– The new spaceport modules now require technologies to build. A Military Theorist in Society research will help unlock them faster
– Magistrate building is now stronger

Mod 2.5
– Removed the tech prerequisites of Megastructure-related Ascension Perks. Now, all you need to unlock them is Unity
– Habitats now cost Food instead of Minerals to build
– Reworked the old Pioneer Enclave buildings into the new Communal line

Mod 2.6
– Reworked Fertility Church, Ferromagnetic Assembler, and Fermion Collider to be empire-unique and provide more powerful bonuses
– NEW Empire Edicts! – see above

Mod 2.7 – Expert Economy 2.0
– Adjusted the drawbacks of each building, depending on its type:
– Mineral extraction buildings cause Unrest (poor working conditions)
– Energy production buildings impact Habitability (environmental pollution)
– Food production buildings are more expensive to build, but otherwise have no ongoing penalties
– Research buildings cost Food maintenance in addition to Energy

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