Damaged Ringworlds Spawning in Galaxy Stellaris

Damaged Ringworlds Spawning in Galaxy Stellaris

//Ringworlds in this mod are written in the pre-1.6 fashion; they are upgradeable by mods that aren’t depending on the newly added 1.6 Ruined megastructures for repairing (so it’s mainly for people not using Utopia DLC

With this mod it is possible to spawn some systems with Damaged Ringworlds in the Galaxy.

To activate mod you need to start new game and select one of the custom solar systems.

Currently possible options:
– starting on Damaged Ringworld with one other habitable segment, remaining part of ringworld needs repairs; there are also, depending on the settings, 1 or 3 Damaged Ringworlds somewhere in galaxy (not including event or Fallen Empires ones)
– starting on normal planet, with randomly placed 2 or 4 damaged ringworlds with varying numbers of working segments
– if you want to see even more ringworlds just create another custom empire with one of those starts and force it to appear in the game

If you don’t like the star around ringworld you can reload, it’s random.

All added ringworlds have chance to spawn primitive civillisation and/or have one random T6 resource building.
Damaged Ringworlds are covered with tile blockers, which can be removed.

If you want to check universe to see if the mod-created ringworlds were spawned, search for ‘damaged ringworld’ during observe (Depending on number of primitives created by mod you may need to type play 1-6 to return to your empire).
Sometimes spawned ringworld can be used as one of the planets for AI advanced start – fight for it! ????

May not work correctly if you start on small galaxies.

I recommend using it with any mod that allows ringworld repairing.

Should be compatibile with anything, that doesn’t require custom start (but if you d’like to use other start you can still give one of this mod starts to AI empire).

17IV – edited damaged segments – now they will have 25 tiles after repairing.

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