Damaged Ringworlds Spawning in Galaxy (no custom start) Mod

Damaged Ringworlds Spawning in Galaxy (no custom start) Mod

/Updated for 1.6.x patch/

Mod which places random amount of partially damaged ringworlds in the galaxy – number is random and depends on galaxy size, usually 2-5 on 1000 stars and 6-10 on 2500 stars galaxy (in theory it could generate up to 18, but that shouldn’t happen, or I will have to tweak numbers).

Ringworlds are damaged, there is bigger chance to spawn ringworlds with 1 working habitable segment than have it with 2 or 3.

Created ringworlds will be covered with tile blockers, with the chance to have primitive civilization and/or one T6 resource building on them.

Uses megastructures from patch 1.6 for repairing. Generates Ringworlds only when host is using Utopia DLC.

Should not have conflicts with any other mods.

IMPORTANT: Before undamaged segments could be colonized they need to be within empire borders, so that they could be investigated (500energy, 30 days). Random reward afterwards.

Ideas for future updates:
– maybe some lore friendly events connected to found ringworlds


Version that instead include custom start in damaged ringworld or normal planet and ringworlds in proximity to starting location

Version not depending on Utopia 1.6 Patch Megastructures for ringworlds repairs

18V – fixed issues with inability to send armies on primitive-owned segment. Segments not yet upgraded will be working correctly in your current savegame.
Manual fix for segments already upgraded, that have primitives spawned, console use required:
1. save game and pause
2. observe
3. debugtooltip -> mouseover primitive icon on segment will get id of the primitives faction living on the segment
4. play -> you should now see yourself as said primitives, if not, try ids smaller or greater
5. communications probably 0/AI faction id if you are fixing problems galaxywide> -> again, you have to check IDs numbers similar to the one you get from debugtooltip if you don’t get correct empire
6. if you accidently enabled communications with wrong empires, just write down the numbers that were correct, load game and use only correct IDs ????
14V – different conception; now segment have to be Investigated (500energy and 30 days upgrade), on complete you get habitable segment and some random bonus research/resources. Also added textures for not investigated segments.

10V – updated for patch 1.6.x. As I was unable to force consistent segment placement with ruined segments in normal way, for now you will have to manually upgrade segment by ‘sending probes’ (1 day construction, no techs required); AI is prioritizing to do so as well, so you won’t have any advantage. I will try to create event that is automatically doing this at the start of the game when I find out how.

17IV – edited damaged segments – now they will have 25 tiles after repairing.

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