Cybrxkhan’s Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris Mod

Cybrxkhan’s Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris Mod

Current Version 1.5.4 (Released 6/15/17, Compatible with Bradbury Patch)
Thousands of new (mostly fictitious, alien) names for leaders, planets, spaceships, and fleets across 150+ namelists – use them in your custom species, or see AI empires using them!
Over ~5500 new star names, 250+ names for black holes, 100+ asteroid prefixes and postfixes, and 250+ nebula names – now you can play your 2000+ star galaxy mods without worrying about running out of names!
Multiplayer and ironman compatible (I don’t think it is achievement compatible however)
Compatible with almost any mod!
Better and improved human namelists with thousands of new personal names from over 20+ countries and cultures not found in vanilla’s human namelists, such as Vietnamese, Polish, and Iranian names!
New namelists are being added regularly!
CANS is my collection of namelists I use in my games for more variety.

Most of the namelists are made using random fantasy name generators and are NOT real names or words unless otherwise indicated. Feel free to use them in your mods, though credit would be appreciated.

For requests, bug reports, and other comments, PLEASE POST IN THE PI FORUM THREAD HERE, THANK YOU! The forum thread also has more information such as where I got the namelists.

List of Namelists CANS
Below are the list of currently available namelists.

Abstract 1 (Handmade)
Abstract 2 (Handmade)
Abstract 3 (Handmade)
Al-Andalus/Moorish (Real)*
Altmer (TES)
Apostrophe 1 (Fantasy)
Apostrophe 2 (Fantasy)
Apostrophe 3 (Handmade)
Apostrophe 4 (Fantasy)
Apostrophe 5 (Fantasy)
Arabic (Fantasy)
Argonian (TES)
Arthropoid 4 (Handmade)
Arthropoid 5 (Handmade)
Arthropoid 6 (Handmade)
Asian-American (Real)*
Avian 4 (Handmade)
Avian 5 (Handmade)
Avian 6 (Handmade)
Aztec (Fantasy)
Babylonian (Fantasy)
Bactrian (Handmade)
Bactrian (Real)*
Bantu (Fantasy)
Basque (Fantasy)
Beothuk (Real)
Biblical/Hebrew (Handmade)
Bosmer (TES)
Breton (TES)
Byzantine (Handmade)
Cantonese (Handmade)
Celtic (Fantasy)
Chinese (Fantasy)
Chinese 2 (Handmade)
Chinese (Real)*
Daedra (Elder Scrolls)
Diacritics 1 (Handmade)
Diacritics 2 (Handmade)
Diacritics 3 (Handmade)
Diacritics 4 (Handmade)
Dragon Language (Elder Scrolls)
Dunmer/Dark Elf (Elder Scrolls)
Dwarven (Fantasy)
Dwarven (LotR)
Dwemer (Elder Scrolls)
Egyptian (Fantasy)
Egyptian 2 (Fantasy)
Elder Scrolls All (TES)
Elvish (Fantasy)
Elvish (Pathfinder)
Ethiopian (Handmade)
Ewok (Star Wars)
Falmer (Elder Scrolls)
Fantasy 1 (Fantasy)
Fantasy 2 (Fantasy)
Fantasy 3 (Handmade)
Fantasy 4 (Handmade)
Fantasy 5 (Handmade)
Fantasy 6 (Handmade)
Fantasy 7 (Fantasy)
Fantasy 8 (Fantasy)
Finnish (Handmade)
Finnish (Real)*
Forerunner (Halo)
Frankish (Handmade)
French (Fantasy)
German (Fantasy)
Gnome (Fantasy)
Gnome (Pathfinder)
Goblin 1 (Fantasy)
Goblin 2 (Fantasy)
Greek (Fantasy)
Greek 2 (Fantasy)
Greek 3 (Fantasy)
Greek (Real)*
Gungan (Star Wars)
Hawaiian (Fantasy)
Hippie (Fantasy)*
Human (Real)
Hunnic (Handmade)
Hurrian (Handmade)
Hutt (Star Wars)
Hylian (Zelda)
Icelandic (Real)*
Imperial (Star Wars)
Imperial (TES)
Inca (Fantasy)
Indian (Fantasy)
Indonesian (Real)*
Inuit (Fantasy)
Iranian (Real)*
Italian (Fantasy)
Italian 2 (Handmade)
Japanese (Fantasy)
Japanese 2 (Fantasy)
Japanese 3 (Handmade)
Japanese (Real)*
Khajiit (Elder Scrolls)
Khitan (Handmade)
Khmer (Fantasy)
Knight (Fantasy)
Kobold (Fantasy)
Kobold (Pathfinder)
Korean (Fantasy)
Korean (Real)*
Maiar (Lord of the Rings)
Malian (Fantasy)
Molluscoid 4 (Fantasy)
Molluscoid 5 (Fantasy)
Molluscoid 6 (Fantasy)
Mon Calamari (Star Wars)
Mongol (Fantasy)
Mongol (Handmade)
Navajo (Fantasy)
Nord (Elder Scrolls)
Norse (Fantasy)
Nubian (Handmade)
Númenor (Lord of the Rings)
Old Chinese (Handmade)
Orc (Lord of the Rings)
Orc (TES)
Persian (Fantasy)
Plantoid 2 (Fantasy)
Plantoid 3 (Fantasy)
Plantoid 4 (Fantasy)
Pirate (Fantasy)
Polish (Real)*
Portuguese (Real)*
Punic (Handmade)
Redguard (TES)
Reptilian 4 (Fantasy)
Reptilian 5 (Fantasy)
Reptilian 6 (Fantasy)
Robotic 1 (Fantasy)
Roman (Fantasy)
Roman 2 (Fantasy)
Roman 3 (Handmade)
Romanian (Handmade)
Sarmatian (Real)
Saxon (Fantasy)
Sioux (Fantasy)
Slavic (Fantasy)
Sogdian (Handmade)
Sogdian (Real)
Spanish (Fantasy)
Sumerian (Fantasy)
Tamil (Handmade)
Tocharian (Handmade)
Tocharian (Real)
Turkish (Handmade)
Turkish (Real)*
Venetian (Real)
Vietnamese (Fantasy)
Vietnamese (Real)*
Welsh/Arthurian (Fantasy)
Wookiee (Star Wars)
Zulu (Handmade)
*Will not appear randomly by default
**Namelists marked “Fantasy” were made using fantasy generators. Namelists marked “Handmade” were made myself with the assistance of some name/word generator programs. They ARE NOT meant to correspond to any real names. Namelists marked “Real” consist, obviously, of real names.

New and Tweaked Human Names in CANS
These are used for both of vanilla’s UNE and CM namelists, as well as CANS’ new human namelist that combines the two.

Jewish (Ashkenazi)
Jewish (Sephardi)
*Already in vanilla, but replaced with a larger and more comprehensive namelist in CANS.
**Replaces vanilla’s Indian namelist.
***Replaces vanilla’s African namelist.

Most Recent Update: Version 1.5.3 (Released 6/11/17)
Updated to Bradbury/1.7.X
Added 2 new namelists: Dwarven (Fantasy), Dwarven (LotR)
My Other Mods
More AI Personalities: A mod that introduces tons of new AI personalities, adding more variety to the game.
Stellaris Incest Mod – Bring Xwedodah to the Stars!: A mini-mod that adds a special “Divine Marriage” trait and other related features such as new incest-related AI personalities and leader traits, for players who want a bit of CKII magic.

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