Cult of Personality Civic For Stellaris

Cult of Personality Civic For Stellaris

This mod adds a civic that restores some of the old “build once per ruler lifetime” features from before Banks, with a few changes to make things more interesting.

Taking the civic allows you access to buildings based on which governing ethics you have. The relevant ethics are spiritualist, materialist, militarist, and pacifist. The only requirement to take the civic is that you have one of these ethics and either dictatorship or imperial authority. I have made some (mostly balanced) changes to the old buildings and added new ones for militarist and materialist empires. Instead of the crappy old elite assault army, materialist empires now get a research center to improve science output on a planet. The oversized ship feature seems to be mostly hardcoded, so I couldn’t make it play nice with this civic. Now militarists have a military base with its own interesting features.

– Grand Mausoleum
— Produces 8 unity
— Increases unity output by 10% on that planet

– Royal Garden
— Produces 6 unity
— Increases pop happiness by 10% on that planet

– Research Center
— Produces 3 of each type of research
— Increases all science output by 10% on that planet

– Military Base
— Increases planetary fortifications by 30%
— Reduces unrest by 15
— Increases the border extrusion of that planet by 30%

Thanks to EwieFairy for the French localisation

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