Crystallis Ship Modules Expansion Mod

Crystallis Ship Modules Expansion Mod

100+ new ship modules, weapons and technologies, 8 new ship sections with aux slots, new advanced science ship
Compatible with version 1.5.1+, and all DLC

This mod adds a lot of new ship modules as well as extra levels of existing ship modules and weapons. This mod is save game compatible as well as mod compatible with every mod out there.

The following have been added:
Ship Sections

2 new corvette ship sections +aux slots
2 new destroyer ship sections +aux slots
2 new cruiser ship sections +aux slots
2 new battleship ship sections +aux slots
new advanced science ship (more slots)

3 new techs to help speed up Physics research.
3 new techs to help speed up Engineering research.
Gradually they will appear and boost your planets tile research by 5% each.
These techs are required to not slow down the game too much with the many module
techs this mod provides.
Science Ship Modules

Deep Space Science Lab I-V (+shield +discovery, +surveyspeed, -fail chance)
Ship Modules

Armoured Thrusters 1-4 (+ speed, +armour)
Psionic Thrusters 1-4 (+ speed, +shield hp)
Crystallis Ship Sensors 6-10 (+ sensor/weapon range + tracking)
Utility Modules

Crystallis Reactors VI – X (+ ship power)
Crystal Armor VI – X (+ armour, +hull hp)
Phase-Shields VI – X (hive mind) (lower regen, high hp)
Force-Fields VI – X (Not materialists, not hivemind)
Psionic Barriers VI – X (psionics) (higher regen, higher hp, more power required)
Adaptive Shields VI – X (Materialists) (high regen, low hp, regens in combat)
Ship Crew Utility Modules

AI Ship Crew (materialists)
Psionic Ship Crew (psionics, not materialists)
Clone Ship Crew (cloning, not egalitarian)
Purifier Ship Crew (only for fanatic purifiers)
Alien Ship Crew (xenophiles)
Standard Ship Crew (not authoritarian, xenophile, hivemind)
Slave Ship Crew (authoritarian)
(+ship damage, +hull hp, +shield hp, +armor %, +unique stats per ethos)
Auxiliary Modules

Crystal Plating II – V (+ hull %)
Crystal Targeting Matrix I – V (+ weapon accuracy, tracking and damage)
Crystal Tissue I – V (+ hull regeneration)
Ship Hangar Bays 1-5 (+ strikecraft damage and flightspeed)
Shield Capacitors II – III (+shield regen)

2 new Lasers: Positron and Anti-Matter
2 new Plasma cannons: Phased-Plasma and Chrono-Plasma
2 new Energy Lances: Tetryon and Polaron
2 new Disruptors: Resonant and Muon
2 new Disintegrators: Improved and Matter-Energy
2 new Arc Emitters: Vexed and Concerted
2 new Cloud Lightning: Resonating and Luminous
2 new Missiles: Isokinetic and Chroniton
2 new Swarm Missiles: Typhoon and Hurricane
2 new Torpedoes: Cobalt and Tricobalt
2 new Energy Torpedoes: Anti-Proton and Quantum
2 new Railguns: Tri-Gaus and XV-88
2 new Kinetic Guns: Kinetic Cannon and Kinetic Howitzer
2 new Autocannons: Thunder and Thor
2 new Mass Accelerators: Ultra Cannon and Omega Cannon
2 new Point Defense: Mercy and Emperor
2 new Flak: Flak Array and Flak Barrier
1 new Fighter Tier
2 new Bomber Tiers (final tier is dimensional unlock after salvaging/unlocking unbidden dimensional weaponry tech)
Each new tier improves the weapons base damage by 20%
Some weapons already have new graphical firing effects,
others are still being developed

All modules have their own technologies. Some are rare. Tier 6 to Tier 10 modules come after their vanilla variants and techs, so these are very much late game technologies.
For those with Utopia DLC: The final tier weapon technologies only show up after you build the science nexus!
For those without Utopia DLC: the final tier weapon technologies will show up normally.
The science nexus increases the chance advanced component & weapons technologies show up by 500%
Techs have a start date before they can show up:
* New component techs will show up earlier (around 20-30 years gametime)
* Advanced (tier 6-10) component techs won’t start showing up until at least 80 years of gametime has passed.
* The next tier of advanced weapons won’t show up until 20 years have passed. (Example: tier 6 armor shows up at 2280, tier 7 armor won’t start showing up until it’s at least the year 2300)
* Advanced weapon techs won’t show up before at least 100 years have passed.
* The final tier weapon techs only show up if at least 120 years have passed)
* If you have bad luck: every 20 years that you don’t see a new component technology, the chance of it showing up goes up a LOT. If you haven’t gotten a specific component tech 40 years after it could show up the chance to show up increased by up to 500%.

Ship Power Stations?
Compatibility mod for Ship Power Stations mod here:
This is for vanilla ships only. There won’t be a compatibility patch for my mod + ship power stations + NSC, Realistic Ships, or any other mod that adds new ship types. (It’s not possible to balance, and it’s a lot of work). Sorry.

** Some modules do not correctly apply their stats to the ship builder UI. This is an issue with the game and ui that I cannot fix myself.
** Auto-upgrade doesn’t work with my modules, presumably this is somewhat weirdly hardcoded
** Auto-complete will not always give the best module layout.

For other modders:
All my techs are prefixed with tech_c_techname
All my other files are prefixed with C_modulename/componant

Please don’t forget to rate my mod and have fun! ????

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