Crysis For Stellaris

Crysis For Stellaris

Stellaris version supported: Adams v1.6.2

This mod does two endgame crisis related things:
1. Resets the global crisis flag which results in allowing multiple crisises without touching the existing crisis scripts or using rewritten parts.
2. Introduces a crisis when the fleet power of any normal country reaches a certain point, which depends on the difficulty. The original scripts are used but some of the delaying events are skipped.

The trigger for the crisis events is:
– Normal mode: 200k fleet power for any of the normal countries.
– Hard mode: 250k fleet power for any of the normal countries.
– Insane mode: 300k fleet power for any of the normal countries.
These are based on the awakened empire fleet power requirements times 5.

If this condition is met any of the crisis events might happen, unless it happened before:
– The Prethoryn invasion crisis will commence immediately. In Vanilla this will happen 170-300 years after game start (5% chance it won’t happen at all).
– The Extradimensional crisis might start in about 2000 years, or 200 if any normal country has jump drive technology, or 20 if any normal country has both jump drive technologies or 16 years if the player has completed the Wanderlust chain as well. This is just the Vanilla way and it can’t be avoided unless you rewrite (part of) the event.
– The AI uprising crisis might start anywhere between immediately or in a couple of years if a country has at least one synth pop. In Vanilla this happens 70-100 years after the synth technology is researched.

These limits exist because this mod uses the existing crisis events and does not rewrite any of them. The only parts it circumvents are the wait times of several decades (which is only the trigger event) where possible and the limit that only allowed one crisis event per game.

This mod does not overwrite any existing Vanilla files. All the original triggers are still there and might start a crisis event if they feel like it.

All crisis events will happen but each will only occur once. This is simply because some of the event triggers are limited to firing once which means that to circumvent this would mean overwriting the Vanilla scripts or creating (slightly) changed versions.

After activating this mod it will remove the crisis happened global flag if you already experienced a crisis which means that another type of crisis is allowed to occur. This will happen even if you disable or remove the mod (if you passed 1 january with this mod enabled because then is when the mod does this).

Should be compatible with all other mods.

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