(-(CP: New Ship Classes – Realistic Ships)-) Stellaris

(-(CP: New Ship Classes – Realistic Ships)-) Stellaris

NSC = New Ship Classes, and refers to that mod, either Main or Streamlined.
RS = Realistic Ships, and refers to that mod.

This mod is a compatibility patch for New Ship Classes & More (or New Ship Classes & More: Streamlined) and Realistic Ships, allowing you to use both mods together properly.

In order to use this patch you must choose at least one of the two NSC mods (Main or Streamlined) and activate it. You cannot run both simultaneously, although both can be subscribed. You can ignore the warning when you subscribe if you only get one of the NSC mods, just make sure you have at least one of them. And of course, you will also require the Realistic Ships mod.

This mod edits the following to ensure compatibility between New Ship Classes & More (also “Streamlined” version) and Realistic Ships, however, for balance and differences/conflicts in the mods, additional alterations were made for the best gameplay:

1. Combined country_types files.
This file combination allows the AI to use both New Ship Classes & More’s ship classes and Realistic Ships’ classes at the same time. Without this merger, one mod would overwrite the other, and the AI would only use one mod’s ship classes. This way, the AI can use both: using NSC and RS classes at appropriate stages for all ships.

2. Realistic Ship classes are now integrated into NSC ship class unlock system for balance and better gameplay.
Updated 6/11/17!
With the original mod setups, you would get the most powerful Realistic Ship class (the species-based Heavy Dreadnought) at the same time as you unlocked the NSC Battlecruiser, which doesn’t make any sense balance wise. Another issue is the RS ship classes are balanced differently than NSC’s ship classes, and while on their own they are well balanced, the RS ship classes are not well equipped versus the NSC ship classes.

With this in mind, I have overhaulled this patch in order to balance out the RS ship classes versus the NSC ones, namely, the RS Battlecruiser, Dreadnought and species-based Heavy Dreadnought versus their NSC counterparts. For those worried about the “spirit” of the mod being violated, almost all changes to RS ship classes where added HP and balanced armor counts. Furthermore, I did NOT make the RS ship classes identical to the NSC ship classes, as that would make this patch even more redundant than it already is. In order to hopefully make both NSC & RS ship classes variants useful, I went with this “formula”:

NSC Ship Classes shared with RS: More Firepower + Less Tankability
RS Ship Classes shared with NSC: Less Firepower + More Tankability

In essence, this means that the RS ship classes now have more armor and hit points than NSC ships, but less overall weaponry/firepower. It gives both NSC & RS ship classes a “purpose” even if they are nearly identical in form and name.

This patch changes where/when the RS ship classes become available in relation to their overall power versus the NSC ship classes with the above changes in mind. With this change, you now have the following unlock system for NSC/RS ships with this patch:

Level 1 Spaceports: Corvettes
Level 2 Spaceports: NSC Frigates
Level 3 Spaceports: Destroyers
Level 4 Spaceports: Cruisers
Level 5 Spaceports: NSC Strike Cruisers / RS Support Cruiser
Level 6 Spaceports: NSC Battlecruisers / RS Battlecruisers
Light Carrier Tech: NSC Light Carriers / RS Attack Cruisers
Battleship Tech: Battleships
Carrier Tech: NSC Carriers
Dreadnought Tech: NSC Dreadnoughts / RS Dreadnoughts
Superdread Tech: NSC Superdreadnoughts / RS Heavy Dreadnoughts
Flagship Tech: NSC Flagship
IMPORTANT: You must research these techs in this exact order or you cannot get any higher ship classes.
This way, you can unlock and use both NSC and RS ship classes with ship classes that are around the same “level”, and each ship class regardless of mod has a purpose in your game.

3. Changed Realistic Ships Heavy Dreadnought tech requirements to meet the new ship class unlock system.
Updated 6/11/17!
In the original Realistic Ships mod, the Heavy Dreadnought was unlocked automatically at Spaceport Level 6. With the changes above to make it in balance with NSC, it now unlocks with the NSC Superdreadnought tech, which means this patch changes the requirements of those techs.

This also means that this patch will include updated compatibility event files from certain ship appearance mods that are compatible with RS (although the patch for said shipset and RS might still be required), making sure that they will also unlock at the appropriate time by changing the coding of their event files. The following mods have updated RS compatibility files already inside this mod, meaning that you should be able to play with these shipset graphical mods if you have all the mods that are linked after each dot for the ones you want:

All shipsets found in the Dark Species Collection (NSC & RS support built into the mods.)
Christmas Holiday Shipsets (NSC & RS support built into the mod.)
Guilli’s Plantoid Ship Graphics Pack (Required: You will also need both of his patches for this shipset: NSC/RS)
Guilli’s Vanilla Ship Graphics Pack (Required: You will also need both of his patches for this shipset: NSC/RS)
I hope to keep the compatibility with ship graphical cultures maintained, so if I miss a graphical culture that is compatible with Realistic Ships that needs updating into this mod, please inform me in the comments.

4. Updated localisation files to give each NSC and RS ship class the appropriate mod title to distinguish ship classes.
Both NSC and RS have Battlecruiser and Dreadnought ship classes, so how do you tell which is which? This patch includes altered localisation files to give each ship either a “NSC” or “RS” in front of it’s name to properly distinguish each ship class to it’s appropriate mod. For example: “NSC Strike Cruiser” & “RS Heavy Dreadnought” are what you will see in-game.

Update 4.0 – 6/11/17:
Major overhaul to the entire patch to make RS and NSC ship classes more in balance and have purpose at the level appropriate to the ship classes’ name. Please re-read the description for complete details of this overhaul.

Update 4.4 – 6/16/17:
Reverted supported version number to 1.6.* after Paradox pulled the Bradbury patch.

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