Complete Bombardment and Planet Defense Overhaul Mod

Complete Bombardment and Planet Defense Overhaul Mod

The scope of this mod is to enhance the strategic possibilities during war. The current situation is to throw two doomstacks together and the winner takes it all. Planets are defensless and ground battle can be won without even bombarding a planet. Furthermore bombardment deals only light damage to planets. This will be changed through this mod while balance is maintained. In the following I will give a brief overview of the contents.

Currently there are not many strategies which avoid doomstack battles. I personally think that one change in the game will not totally avoid doomstack battles. But one option can be brought in if you increase the destruction of planets while under bombardment. In mid to late game planets are your major source of energy and minerals. But they can nearly be harmed. And losses in mining stations are not so severe. An extremly increased destruction of planets under bombardment can give a weaker opponent new strategic options. He can split up is doomstack into smaller fleets in order to simultaneously rush into the homeland of his enemy and start to destroy his planets. His enemy has to counter it by chasing him down. If he keeps his doomstack he will be too slow. So he too has to split up his main fleet. And here you can deploy stratgic thinking e.g. by setting traps.

Planet Bombardment:
Light bombardment stance has been left as it is in vanilla gameplay. Limited and Full bombardment is strongly enhanced. There is a high chance per month that pops will be killed and buildings will be ruined and land will get blocker tiles.

75% to ruin a building || 20% chance to create a tile blocker || 15% chance to kill a pop

70% to ruin a building || 65% to ruin a second building || 30% chance to create a tile blocker || 50% chance to kill a pop

Furthermore there is a 30% chance that it the probabilities are executed a second time and a 20% chance that it is exectued a third time.
That means that per month up to 3 buildings can be destroyed with Limited bombardment while up to 6 buildings can be ruined with Full bombardment. Now you will think about defending your planets.

Aggressive terror bombardment is never used on occupied planets belonging to your empire.

Planets Defenses:
Up to now planets are pretty much defensless. Sometimes it is not even necessary to bombard a planet. You just sent your troops in. Therefore the mod increases the defense abilities of armies (gained by fortifications) by a factor of 5. Now bombardment is key to win an invasion.

In order to make bombarding a planet more costly new buildings and techs are introduced.

Planetary Flak Grid: Once this tech is researched the planet has a flak system which shoots at a bombarding fleet. It deals damage to arbitrary targets. The purpose of this tech is to make long bomardment costly. If a fleet is bombarding a planet over a long time it takes a lot of damage and can even loose some ships. Since the damage is randomly spread across the fleet the size of a fleet matters. Large fleets will have less losses than small fleets. So if you want to bombard a planet over a long time. Bring a fleet with many ships. There are five tech levels. Each tech level increases the fire rate. Tech 1: Every 14 Days. Tech 2: Every 8 Days. Tech 3: Every 5 Days. Tech 4: Every 3 Days. Tech 5: Every 2 Days. Note: The Planetary Flak Grid can not be destroyed.

Defense Cannon: This tech gives you access to a planet unique building. The Defense Cannon will randomly target one ship and focus its fire until it is destroyed. While this building is pretty powerfull it can be destroyed during bombardment.

Defense Plasma Cloud Generator: This building deals high AoE damage to a bombarding fleet. Note: It is a building and can be destroyed.

Planetary Shield Generator: This building is already known to you since it is part of the vanilla game. But now it has an enhanced ability. It does not only give increased fortification strength but also lowers the losses of buildings and pops during bombardment by 60%. Which is quite high but not high enough to leave bombarded planets on their own. Note: It is a building and can be destroyed.

Fortification: In vanilla fortifications only reduce damage dealt to defending armys. Now they reduce damage on buildings and population from orbital bombardment by 30% while being above zero.

So you might think if you are the stronger one and you start a war what keeps you from just annihilating the enemy. That is a good thought. You won’t do it because everyone will hate you. Your diplomatic relations will sour. But that is not all. Your own pops won’t like the continous bombardment of your enemy. Their happiness will drop. And with this comes uprising factions. The only ones which will gain happines are fanatic purifiers. While the aggressor has to think of diplomatic relations and pop happines the defender will not get the full malus for bombarding planets. He will only get a slight diplomatic malus. Why? Because typically the defender is the weaker one. So this mechanic will prevent strong empires annihilating everyone in offensive wars while giving the weaker defender more options to defend.

Both malus types are only given while having Limited or Full Bombardment. You will not see any malus while using Light bombardment.

Since you can not rely on the sector AI to construct these buildings and it is a pain to deploy them by yourself this mod brings edicts to help you. Each building unlocks an edict which forces the sector AI to construct the buildings.
Note: At the moment the buildings will be payed by you if you activate the edicts. Currently I have no clue how to make the sectors pay. But I will update the mod as soon as I know how to do that.

“No Terrorbombing” Edict: You can select “No Terrorbombing” Edict in order to get vanilla bombardment behaviour (lower destruction) and therefore no malus. This is usefull if you want a rapid destruction of fortifications without getting malus and if you do not want to destroy the planet. Also helpfull while bombarding any planet you claim in wargoals or in all cases you have too much unhappy population and bad diplomatic relations.

Other changes:
Planets under bombardment won’t grow pops anymore and growing pops will be killed. This is not alterd by the “No Terrorbombing” Edict.

New scripts to help the AI build the defensive buildings.

English & German

The mod changes “orbital_bombardment.txt”. In order to fix armies the file “00_armies.txt” is changed.

– Update for 1.6 (sorry for making you wait)

– Some fixes
– Added Armageddon Bombardment Stance

– Update für 1.5 compatibility
– Five new “Planetary Flak Grid Tech” levels (following the basic idea of Aurtose)

– Repeatable Tech: Fortification increase
– Algorithm which decides whether AI should use aggressive terror bombardment or vanilla bombardment (not final and will be improved)
– Aggressive terror bombardment is never used on occupied planets belonging to your empire
– Some minor fixes and changes

– New Edict: No Terrorbombing
– New scripts to help the AI build the defensive buildings.
– Slight increase of probabilites for building destruction.
– Planets under bombardment won’t grow pops anymore and growing pops will be killed.
– German translation


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