Colonization & Terraforming Overhaul Stellaris

Colonization & Terraforming Overhaul Stellaris

Colonization & Terraforming Overhaul

** 1.5 Compatible **

This mod tries to overhaul the colonization and terraforming part of the game by adding colonization events and letting you terraform already colonized planets. In the future more events and colonization mechanics will be adding (like asteroid, molten, frozen, etc) once I come up with an interesting mechanic for it.

Mod Features

Modified habitability
10 colonization events.
Allows you to terraform colonized planets using a edict.
Edict terraforming has into account the terraforming strategic resources and chages the cost on base of how many you own.
A low chance (1%) event of failed terraforming, because meddling with an atmosfere changing due to civilization and industry has his risks
Some governor traits focused on sectors leaders, like roboteer that adds more production to robots on your sectors.

Now you can colonize everything above 5% habitability, because if you want to send your colonists to suffer a hellish climate on a far away planet well… is your choice. You may want to take hold of an strategic position, or if you want to take a system for some reason you are now able to do so.

Planets of the same type have 90% Habitability, planets within the same Hydrosphere group have 60%, mid range planets will have 40%, the oposite will have 20% and the most faraway planet class will have 5%.

So for example if you pick a desert planet:

Desert will have 90%, Arid and Savanaah will have 60%, Tropical, Oceanic and Continental will have 40%, Alpine and Tundra will have 20% and Arctic will have 5%.


Now you are able to terraform already colonized planets (vanilla uncolonized terraforming still works the same) using edicts if you have the required technology, there are 4 methods of terraforming:

“Terraform Planet Humidity”

Allows you to terraform the planet to the closest planet of the same type, without changing the Humidity level (so if your planet is oceanic you can terraform it into a continental one, but you will never be able to make it a alpine one).

“Terraform Planet Climate”

The good old colonization, allows you terraform your planet to whatever you want, except gaia.

“Gaia Terraforming”

Pretty self explainatory, allows you terraform into a gaia world.

“Clear Radiation”

Allows you to terrafrom Tomb worlds into any type of planet you want, except gaia.

Upcoming Features

More events
Harsh planets colonization
Asteroid colonization
Thank you very much for the support. If you like the mod, give it a thumbs up or a favorite!


This mod uses mostly additive files and should be compatible with everything that don’t change the habitability traits file! enjoy.
You can hook it in an ongoing game.

This mod has some content from an old mod of mine – Stellaris+ Events Module
Currently available on english and spanish, other languages have english files so you can play the mod on any language without error texts.

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