More Civics Mod For Stellaris

More Civics Mod For Stellaris

Mod adds several new civics to the game based on simple suggestions on the Stellaris suggestions board. They should be complete and relatively balanced. Be aware that this mod will likely not be compatible with many other mods since it must change many of the vanilla files to implement the more interesting civics and balance changes.

Balance suggestions and discussion is highly welcome. I’m trying to do some balance testing myself, but I’m only one person and can only do so much for something like this which takes a lot of time to do. Also, I accidentally played a bunch of testing on hard difficulty, which I have to throw out the window and start again for.

New Civics:

Pioneer Foundation (+30% survey speed, +50% colony development speed)
Diplomatic Tradition (Non-Xenophobe, +10 general opinion, +15% trust growth, +25 max trust)
Food Rationing (-10% population growth cost)
Efficient Power Regulation (-20% building energy maintenance)
Military-Industrial Complex (Non-pacifist, -15% military ship cost, +15% military ship construction speed, -20% army cost)
Offworld Engineering Complex (-50% spaceport cost, -25% spaceport upgrade cost, -15% military station cost)
Geniocracy (+10% leader experience gain, mutually exclusive with Aristocratic elite)
Gerontocracy (+15 years leader lifespan)
Church Senate (Spiritualist, +10% government ethics attraction, -10% edict influence cost)
Pluralistic Tradition (+5% leader experience gain, -10 unrest)
Keys to the future (+5% research rate)
Royal Figurehead (Non-imperial, +10% unity generation, +0.25 monthly influence, +5 happiness with totalitarian factions, mutually exclusive with Idealistic Foundation and Beacon of Liberty)
Temple Gardens (spiritualist, adds food production to temples which increases with temple upgrades, mutaully exclusive with temple workshops)
Temple Workshops (spiritualist, adds mineral production to temples which increases with temple upgrades, mutually exclusive with temple gardens)
There are also three new governments associated with the Royal Figurehead civic for the three authorities you can take it with: Constitutional Monarchy, Puppet Monarchy, and Shogunate.

Changes to vanilla civics:

Corporate Dominion – Now valid with xenophobe, weight down to 1 from 3
Aristocratic Elite – Now valid with dictatorial authority. Now mutually exclusive with Meritocracy and Geniocracy.
Meritocracy – Now valid with dictatorial authority.Now mutually exclusive with Aristocratic Elite
Police State – No longer valid with egalitarian
Citizen Service – Removed government authority requirement
Nationalistic Zeal – Now valid with either militarist or xenophobe
Other Changes:

Traditionalist Faction – No longer demands specific government names, instead desires either that the government have some degree of spiritualism or a spiritualist related civic. Having neither gives -5 happiness, having both gives +5. Approved spiritualist civics are:
Imperialist Cult
Exalted Priesthood
Church Senate
Pluralistic Tradition
Totalitarian factions now have a 0 happiness modifier for having a dictatorial government, up from -5.
Mod work by myself.
Ideas taken from Civics Suggestion thread, contributors listed there.
Icon art by ATP Kraken.

OFC The Vilified Exile
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