The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black’s M-344/G Stellaris

The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black’s M-344/G Stellaris

The star system from The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black.

It features three suns, two gas giants, and the infamous M6-117.

M6-117 has the following modifiers:
– Thin atmosphere — Pops receive -5% habitability due to a slight lack of oxygen in the air.
– Hostile Fauna — The Bioraptors proved quite the issue, so how could the planet not have this?
– Mineral Rich — The main reason Geological Outpost T2 was constructed, and what lured the geologists to their demise.

It’s currently set so that it will only spawn once during galaxy creation, and can’t be a homeworld. If people would like it to be one, I can make it so.

「CT」 Ceane Ciλias -DǤ-
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