The Chiss Species Stellaris

The Chiss Species Stellaris

This mod adds the famous near-Human Star Wars Chiss species as animated portraits under the phenotype category “Humanoid” to Stellaris.

The mod also includes:
– the uniform of a Grand Moff for your ruler
– the outfit of a chiss general (male and female)
– the outfit of a chiss admiral (male and female)
– the outfit of a chiss aristocrat for female governeurs
– Chiss name list with over 2500 unique male and female names
– the symbol of the Chiss Ascendancy
– more hair styles/colors regardless of the skin type, including red hair.

– the change to the hair styles affects also the humans and is not bound on the Chiss.
– this mod should be compatible with all other mods, save games and so on.
– Not ironman compatible as far as I know.

Known Issues

Updated Version 12.0
– chiss name list updated, thanks to CarbrBard for providing ship names and fixing typos

Plans for the future
I may work on:
– outfits for governeurs, pops for males and females

Thanks to wulfram77, who helped me with the portraits.txt.

The female uniform is based on the picture “She’s had enough” from Darren Tan alias wraithdt, copyright by Lucasfilm Ltd.
The male uniform is based on the picture “An Unexpected Meeting” from Darren Tan alias wraithdt, copyright by Lucasfilm Ltd.
The general uniform is based on the picture from Dave Seeley from the backcover of the book Outbound Flight
The aristocratic outfit is based on an illustration in the FFG sourcebook Enter the Unknown.

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